Chelsea Clinton, who delighted so many with her “Making a Difference” segments for NBC News, continues to thrill audiences as she travels the campaign trail on behalf of her mother, Hillary. Today she and actress America Ferrera, best known as the star of “Ugly Betty,” made a stop at the University of Denver for a speech and Q&A session.

KDVR’s Joe St. George was on hand to cover the event, and noted that a good portion of the audience seemed to fall under the “community members” umbrella.

The audience reportedly wasn’t afraid to switch up softballs with some tougher questions for the candidate’s daughter.

Maybe Chelsea could consult with her mother, who wrapped up the first Democratic debate by naming “Republicans” as the enemy she’s most proud of having made, about navigating political polarization.

One way is to speak their language. Despite the advanced age of what seems to be the majority of the audience, America Ferrera confessed that she’d like to “Netflix and chill” with Hillary Clinton.

That’s, um, quite the enthusiastic endorsement if that phrase still means what we think it means; time to dust off the trusty Urban Dictionary.

Yep, still means the same thing. Apparently the Clintons’ overwhelming attractiveness has long played a role in their success.

Almost exclusively, we hear.

… about Chelsea’s pandering, because they have studying to do. College isn’t free yet, you know.

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