Word spread quickly tonight that President Obama, who won’t be able to make the long trip to the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral service Saturday, is planning a visit to Cuba in March. As much as he’d like to hand the deed to Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba, the United States is still holding prisoners there, despite his long-overdue promise to close the facility and his efforts to either release the captured terrorists or find them an alternate home in America.

Human rights violations? No need to guess what’s on the president’s agenda … the White House has put together a GIF with a little flying airplane on it explaining America’s officially hashtagged #CubaPolicy. Apparently the U.S. has become a travel agency.


To those suggesting the president is fine skipping out on Justice Scalia’s funeral Saturday but will travel to Cuba, the White House’s Jesse Lee would remind you that the president and first lady will attend a viewing on Friday.

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