As Twitchy reported earlier, a rather casual President Obama addressed the press from California this afternoon and took the rather bold step of declaring that GOP front-runner Donald Trump would not be president.

Good question. The president then waded a little deeper into election talk, eventually hitting on the topic of climate change. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has pretty much taken over the issue as his own, injecting it somewhere into every debate, but President Obama reminded reporters that climate change still matters to him, and the idea that none of the GOP candidates considers it a valid concern is “troubling to the international community.”

Here’s video of President Obama saying that the nations of the world “kinda count on the United States being on the side of science.” Why else would the president invite Clock Kid to the White House to show off his “cool clock”? Science, that’s why. Why else would he fly Bill Nye, the guy with the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, to fly to the Everglades on Air Force One to “act on climate”? To show that the United States is determined to lead the world in science.

It must be tiresome explaining to all of the world’s leaders why the GOP candidates refuse to acknowledge climate change.

But the Earth’s climate is at the correct global temperature right now and needs to be held there.

Well, Slate suggests there might not even be an ISIS if global warming hadn’t turned millions of Syrians into “climate migrants.”

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