Lindsay Lohan, whose Twitter biography now simply describes her as an “artist,” decided to send some personal support to “Hilary Clinton” with an Instagram meme, a ridiculously long hashtag, and some other words that we just don’t understand in the order they appear.

Note the ominous #lindsaylohan2020 hashtag. Kanye West has also declared his candidacy for 2020, so it should be an interesting year.

But back to Lohan’s Instagram post, which consists of a quote from Hillary Clinton regarding the sleep she’s lost over Benghazi and obsession with what she could have done to save those who sacrificed their lives.


For some reason, Lohan sees herself in this quote, claiming she couldn’t understand Clinton any more. She writes:

@hilaryclinton … I couldn’t understand you more. #lindsaylohan2020 #imthegirlinschoolthatwasfriendswitheveryone #nomatterwhat you can only judge a book by its cover (look at the blurred lines) all, together, could, be, done ?? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that can change at the blink of an eye. Be patient. It’s a virtue. ??

Um, what?

We suspect Lohan’s brain has been feeling the burn a little too much.