PBS “NewsHour” anchors Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill will act as moderators at tonight’s #DemDebate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and they’re soliciting questions from Twitter right now.

If she hasn’t blocked you, Ifill could answer your questions about the controversial Iran deal, as well as Iran’s actions since, such as Iran’s capture of two American ships and the detainment and humiliation of the sailors aboard, and the country’s medium-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile test.

We all know how Ifill feels about the Iran deal, though, and the successful effort in overcoming Israel’s objections.

Yes, this is one of two moderators who could be challenging the Democratic candidates on their foreign policy experience and positions. PBS’ ombudsman called the tweet “inexcusable for an experienced journalist,” but no big deal for a debate moderator, though.