Does former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore know something the rest of us don’t? While many Republicans have been encouraging those who continually poll under 10 percent or so to gracefully step out of the race, Jim Gilmore, the only veteran in the race, has settled quietly in last place and seemed destined to stay there.

Now that Carly Fiorina has suspended her campaign and Chris Christie has headed home to New Jersey to take a breath and consider his options, Jim Gilmore has effectively moved up two places in the race without doing anything, and he’s jumped a flight to South Carolina to keep #Gilmentum going.

A friend is just a voter you haven’t shaken hands with yet, or something like that.

Or perhaps “Vice Presidential.” He’s likely not hung over from his primary viewing party, which USA Today says attracted about 10 people.

Sadly, twins from Old Hampshire were disqualified from voting.

We don’t see any reason Gilmore couldn’t be the Joe Biden of the next administration if he just hangs in there.