Why does Fox News’ Brit Hume hate hugs? Well, it might be a stretch to say he hates them; he just mentioned the other day that he’d never seen a debate moderator hug the candidates following a debate before. Then again, this moderator was Rachel Maddow at a Democrat debate hosted by MSNBC.

Will the candidates on stage tonight for ABC News’ Republican debate be treated to hugs too? Maddow has given warning, tweeting that she’s a hugger.

Chris Christie’s already survived that hug with President Obama, even though a review of the video by Greta Van Susteren convinced her that quick pat on the back was no hug.

Of course she’s biased. MSNBC might have purged its daytime and evening lineup of liberals in a bid to lure some viewers back, but the progressive prime timers were allowed to stay and keep “leaning forward.”

A moderator hugging the candidates? Not professional. And be careful about telling people you’re a hugger.