The New York Times took its shot at Sen. Marco Rubio early on, dropping the bombshell last summer that Rubio (and his wife) had racked up 17 traffic citations dating back to 1997. That alone wasn’t enough to ensure Rubio’s presidential bid was derailed, so it was time to go nuclear by revealing the high-rolling Rubio’s “luxury speedboat” and extravagant Ford F-150 “sports utility vehicle.”

The public laughed off both of those attempts at character assassination, but today NBC News has taken aim at Rubio’s tenure as a visiting professor at Florida International University.

NBC News reports:

Documents and records obtained by NBC News suggest that as a visiting professor at Florida International University, he worked less than 10 hours a week and missed three-in-10 classes during his first semester of teaching — all while making more than most part-time visiting professors.

Income inequality at a university? NBC News found much of this shocking material in a 2012 deposition that was part of an ethics investigation that was ultimately dismissed, as well as a review of pay stubs. It also likely lifted most of the story from the Tampa Bay Times.

As an interesting aside, President Barack Obama taught constitutional law as a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. We’ll bet he was awesome.