CNN is doing what it can to hype tonight’s Democrat town hall in New Hampshire, reporting that the last two candidates standing, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are “turning up the heat.”

The two might be turning up the heat to lukewarm with a series of tweets playing off of Sanders’ comment to a reporter that Clinton is a progressive on “some days.” The Sanders campaign even borrowed Clinton’s typeface — pretty cheeky.

Is Sanders feeling the burn? Nah.

Clinton’s response? Bring it.

“Hillary’s not running to make a point—she’s running to make a difference”? Give the intern who wrote that a raise — a second cup of coffee, maybe.

There’s a lot of smack talk in Sanders’ corner.

Team Clinton is getting just as fired up. CNN really ought to consider making this town hall pay-per-view.

The supporters are fired up. So, just how boring is tonight’s town hall going to be?