DeRay Mckesson, one of the founding figures of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, surprised his followers by filing to run for mayor of Baltimore today.

Mckesson has most recently been busy in Washington, D.C., working with the White House on Campaign Zero, a list of law enforcement reforms.

Let’s find out. The Washington Post reports that Mckesson is a last-moment addition to a crowded field. “Mckesson, 30, joins a crowded field that includes former mayor Sheila Dixon, who is leading in the polls, state Sen. Catherine Pugh, and city councilmen Carl Stokes and Nick Mosby as well as 10 other Democratic candidates,” reports Wesley Lowrey.

“I’m running to usher Baltimore into a new era where our government is accountable to its people and aggressively innovative in how it identifies and solves problems,” Mckesson told the Washington Post. One problem which hardly needs identifying is the city’s homicide rate, which in 2015 was the highest per capita in the nation. There were more murders in Baltimore in 2015 — nearly 350 — than in New York City, despite New York’s population being more than 13 times higher.

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    HAHa, I was already never going back to that dump if I could avoid it.

    This only makes that endeavor more FUN.

    • tjp77

      God I really hope he wins. Money where your mouth is guys, lets see how you turn things around, just like how the progressive black cartels have been promising to do for the last fifty years.

      • ThewlynOh ✓certifiable

        me too, just to see how bad he’d f**k things up more…then again, with Soros pulling the strings of this little blue-vest clad puppet, we know this won’t end well…

  • ArmchairMike

    He probably has a great chance to win in that fucktarded city.

    • oldshortfatboy

      He’ll get elected, he has george soros backing him with unlimited money.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      We can’t chase away all the communists all at the same time. Let them keep Baltimore for a while longer.

  • Acuda4me ✓Please!

    Now he can steal campaign funds.

    • AMD_Afficionado

      He could, but with all of his Soros money, why bother?

  • Name

    Just what B’more needs- another ultra-liberal mayor with a chip on his shoulder who will pander to the lowest part of the population- the “thugs” and career/generational criminal gang types.
    Just when I thought this cockroach had finally gone away, there he is right back at it again….

    • SkyePuppy

      Cockroaches never go away for good.

  • Fingolfin

    FML, he’ll probably win too.

    • keyboard jockey

      Is he from Baltimore has he ever lived in Maryland?

      • WilliamAmos

        He is originally from Minnesota I believe. Or he worked there.

        • The_Kat ✓vilified

          I was surprised to learn he was a Baltimore native. He went from Minneapolis where he worked for the school board to his fauxtest gig in St. Louis. He never seemed overly passionate about Baltimore.

        • tjp77

          He was a public school administrator in Minnesota.

        • Terry West


    • AMD_Afficionado

      Does Baltimore have residency requirements for its mayor?

      There should be no way that this clown should meet them if so as he’s been gallivanting across the country serving as Soros’ twisted version of MLK for months on end now 🙁

      Maybe MD’s Republican governor can intervene on sanity’s behalf? 🙁

      • soxfan4evah

        Like residency is a problem, just ask Rahm or Hillary.

  • keyboard jockey

    Who are we supposed to root for?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Baltimore residents who’ll be moving ASAP.

    • Lamontyoubigdummy

      Politically, I think this is one of those games where you just root for injuries.

      • swg

        Or going to a NASCAR race just to watch the crashes…

    • LucienCordier

      I’m rooting for the six cops on trial.

  • Fingolfin

    “Education platform”? From this guy? He couldn’t debate his way out of a paper bag. I’ll bet he will be all over that redistribution of taxes to “black schools” because “oppression” and “racism”.

    • keyboard jockey

      He’s a caricature he’s being marketed to a demographic just like abortion barbie Wendy Davis was in Texas. I don’t know if the people in Baltimore will figure that out.

      • Andrew Curlutu

        Given the dumbed down schools, I don’t have high hopes. Texans chose Abbott over Wendy because they have a low BS tolerance. I suspect Baltimore’s crap threshold is rather high.

    • Karla1953

      Yeah the guy who said this is going to write an education platform LMAO

      I know people who learned how to diagram sentences in English class but I never learned how to do this. And still don’t know how to do so.

      • AMD_Afficionado

        This guy is an older millennial.

        While he is a moron, thanks to Reagan failing to follow through on his promise to end the Department of Education, he’s not an outlier regarding his lack of English skills: too many folks his age have no idea how to diagram a sentence and they’re the ones teaching the next generation now 🙁

  • Lord Foggybottom

    I sincerely hope he wins. Nothing would be funnier than that clown running that city.

    • Andrew

      I would feel compassion for the people of Baltimore, but the nation really does need to see what a city with a disarmed police force would look like.

      • tjp77

        I predict at least a hundred murders a week, nonstop riots, and of course demands for more welfare.

    • grais

      Maybe he’d learn that he doesn’t know squat about how to do the job.

    • Knight64

      Not just the winning and “governing” part, but the running part will be fun.
      Won’t he have to show his financials and tax returns? It would be great to find out how he can afford all he does/has with no visible means of support.
      Then the governing part:
      He’ll get along great with the P.D. — What could go wrong there?
      He’s never run anything or been responsible for a budget. Of course, Baltimore is in debt already, so . . .
      He probably has lots of ideas on how to improve the city. And I’ll bet all of them are bad ideas, and he can’t afford them.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    “Mayor Deray, your proposals are unacceptable and unworkable.”
    “Do as I say or I’ll burn down the CVS!”

  • Fingolfin

    The positive note is that he doesn’t have an “african” name, so LIVs won’t pick him for that reason.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    I feel sorry for the clerk there who had to help the little moron spell his own name.

  • MTHarpooner

    We as a nation elected a totally unqualified community organizer President–twice–so why not this idiot for mayor of Baltimore? To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, the people of Baltimore know what they want, and they deserve to get it, good and hard.

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    Soros money drying up, thinking he can BLM his way into the office?

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Inmate files to take over asylum. News at 11:00.

    • Joe Joe


  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Man, I’m glad I don’t live in that hellhole. ‘Course, that’s been my attitude since my first visit there years ago.

  • HiltonHead_Dude

    The BLM believes whites people are the source of their troubles. Let them elect him so he finds out that the majority of problems black America faces are from black America, not white oppression. Or privilege.

  • edbo


  • Fingolfin

    I know Obama is sorta the precedent here, but if this guy wins it means any two bit SJW “lecturer” with “street cred” can win.

  • Vindicated

    WIn, lose or draw, Baltimore loses. Too funny.

    Screw it. They deserve it.

    • Andrew Curlutu

      Not ALL. The ones who work for a living and respect the police don’t deserve the freakshow him being a mayor would be.

      • Vindicated

        Then leave. May sound easy, but I know it isn’t. If they stay, they endorse it.

        That city and many others are no different than addicts. Gotta hit rock bottom. Leaving (i.e.not enabling) is difficult, but as necessary as any other act of tough love.

  • Hodor


    I’m sure that’s been stated here already, but still…


  • jhawk90

    Can’t wait for the mayor’s ball – they make puffy sleeveless tuxedos?

  • keyboard jockey


  • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

    I am announcing that I too…am running for mayor of Baltimore.

  • nomorelies343

    Hope he wins, will be hilarious to see him blame the rampant black on black crime on white privelege

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Might be interesting to see how many of the Police quit. Would he be able to get a police security detail?

    • Dan13

      After teaching a course in Proper Riot Techniques at Yale.

  • TX_Slick

    Please let him win. Watching the final collapse of a once great city will be epic.

    • soxfan4evah

      Detroit will be rooting real hard for him. Then they won’t be the biggest shithole in AMerica.

  • John Sutton

    I’m all for this. That city is in desperate need of a black leftwing mayor.

    • Dan13

      They haven’t had one in centuries, years even…

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    I’m assuming they are excited by this education platform because he used to work for the Minneapolis school board. I was surprised to learn he is a Baltimore native. He went from living in Minneapolis to his full-time fauxtest gig in St. Louis financed by Soros’ money. Now he must have moved back to Baltimore in order to run for mayor. Should be interesting to see who Baltimore elects to take them from the frying pan into the fire. Looks like they are on track to be the next Detroit.

    • Jerome Goolsby

      My sentiments exactly. If the voters of Baltimore are so stupid as to elect McKesson mayor, then they deserve what will happen. When McKesson gets done Detroit will look like the Garden of Eden by comparison. And I want to hear no complaints from the citizens of Baltimore when it disintegrates.

  • foxfire

    This is a case where 1 + 1 = -1. I think Baltimore and Deranged McKesson were meant for each other. TFF!

  • wrestlefan01

    “i was out on the streets rioting and stealing with you i am one of you vote for me”

  • Hamm Sammichez

    He’s almost as qualified for the position as Teh Won was for Preezy-dint.

    And only DemonRATs running for mayor? Isn’t that RAY-CISS or somethin’?

  • CBDS

    Baltimore doesn’t deserve his greatness hahahaha

  • JD

    From Campaign Zero to a Zero Campaigning

  • Notsure

    Baltimore deserves everything they get! I wish them nothing but the worst!

  • Unclassifiable

    McKesson for Mayor!

    Let’s burn the rest of this $h!t down!

    • Newportcarl

      Hahahaha… Yeah, Deray…missed a coupla’ blocks last summer

  • Lee Lee


  • Chevypowered

    Let him run! Let him win! Then when he shit on the rest of Boltimore then let see who gets the blame!

    • wrestlefan01

      they will just blame old white men repubs like they are doing now

  • TomJB

    $20 says he gets more votes than Gilmore

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Does DeRay Ray have an actual residence, that he actually lives in, in Baltimore?

    • Dan13

      Yeah. He lives in a van, down by the river.

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    ““I’ve lived through too many lofty promises and vague plans,” Mckesson
    said. “We’ve come to rely on a traditional model of politics only to be
    rewarded with disappointing results.””
    Try voting for the people that DIDN’T put you in the projects. Moron.

    • Dan13

      That thought hasn’t occurred to him.

  • ChandlerMcChandler

    He’s got some great experience the past few years race-baiting, pot-stirring, and rabble-rousing. Sounds like an ideal candidate for a city accustomed to Dems being in charge.

  • sisserydoo

    Well, he helped trash the place. Let’s see what happens when he tries to clean up the mess. Although I’m sure he’ll say it’s someone else’s fault when he can’t.

  • gafr60

    You can run the town and loot it at the same time! What a hoot!

    • Newportcarl

      Hootin’ and lootin’ , boss….hootin’ and lootin,

    • journogal

      So you are saying he is a typical progressive/liberal politician.

    • Girl who talks with her eyes

      In the Obama tradition, talk about how oppressed your people are while stuffing your face with filet mignon and caviar at your $15,000/week hotel suite.

  • Chris Pratt

    Are there any white people left in Baltimore? Because this dude is not a fan of whites.

    • ToyZebra

      If he wins they’ll be catching the last train out of town.

  • Snowblind

    It has come to this…

  • Newportcarl

    Kinda think he bit off more than he can chew. Anyway Eric Holder has made the first campaign donation

  • Grumpy

    Let the cannibalistic piranha feeding frenzy being!

  • JDW

    Apparently, the color of one’s skin — as long as it’s not Caucasian skin — is the only qualification to run Baltimore.

  • AMD_Afficionado


    Can Baltimore recall Ben Carson to, if not run for Mayor himself, endorse someone with sanity who is running for the position?

  • oldshortfatboy

    Since he works for soros, that means soros just bought baltimore.

  • ursafan40

    Let all the elected offices in the city be won by “liberal activists”.
    In 6 months people will be begging for a new election.
    Those that are still alive and haven’t moved anyway.

  • Jim Collins

    Every cop in the city will quit and move to Alaska.

  • Hi This Is My Username

    I knew something like this was coming. DeRay is looking for a power grab, nothing more. Power grabs are what really motivate people like DeRay.

    • Dan13

      Let’s keep an eye on this and see if the progressives steal this election as a way of grooming Deray for bigger things.

      • Cärlös Dängër ✓certifiable

        I can see that coming. But Baltimore is and will be a disaster, so I don’t know how much of a resume-builder it will be. Oh heck, as if that matters.

      • Hi This Is My Username

        I know I’ll be watching closely.

  • Walter Rogers

    I hope he does win and the police force does quit. Good luck with that Baltimore.

  • Trump is my President

    I predict that he will lose to Sheila Dixon. The Democrats love people who steal, and she’s the best. Her stealing gift cards from the poor in Baltimore City, makes her an expert thief.

    • journogal

      Just a resume enhancer.

  • wharfrat

    This dope wouldn’t make a good dog catcher,the current Mayor is the worst, it only goes to show what happens when the President is Black and the Mayor is Black and the whole country is going to Hell,and it will only get worse if these losers are not voted out .

  • CrushAllDems

    He’d have his administration and the entire police department full of illiterate BLM thugs.

    And if you thought Democrat-run cities were corrupt, incompetent and abusive, well folks, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!!

  • Dan13

    Shouldn’t mayoral candidates have another change of clothes?

  • NRPax

    Baltimore already has had a black woman as mayor so what does Derayray bring that is new?

    • journogal

      A vest, and more hatred toward whites and police.

      • NRPax

        You know, Michael J. Fox rocked the life vest look in Back to the Future. Not sure why he needs to appropriate the white man’s clothing.

    • Girl who talks with her eyes

      Less brainpower, more attitude, violence and male sex organs (allegedly)/male privilege.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    If his blue vest doesn’t run against him he probably has a solid shot.


    • Girl who talks with her eyes

      I might vote for the blue vest, but only if a green vest runs against it in the interest of equal opportunity.

  • soxfan4evah

    And when he finishes running it into the ground it will be interesting to see how they place the blame on Republicans.

  • RSnyder

    Turn Baltimore into Detroit; burn that mofo down for all I care. But working with Obama on law enforcement reforms? I’d love to learn more about that.

  • Chris Carter

    Let Vestboy win. It’s not like that city can get any worse.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    Not really as if he could do worse than the idiot in the office right now, after all.

  • Hashtag pundit

    If you thought the Black Panther voter intimidation scandal was bad…

  • Macsen Overdrive

    If he gets elected, Baltimore deserves what’s coming.

  • Hodor

    Looking to take his graft game Pro…

  • GhoulishCop

    Please, please, please let him win

  • Hashtag pundit

    Thugnificent for mayor.

  • Hashtag pundit

    That bit about his education platform sends chills down my spine. Mandatory “privilege” training for white kids and indoctrination for all…

    • Hashtag pundit

      A special “rioting and looting” elective for promising young people of color.

  • Acethepug

    Why not? Unqualified black Leftist seeks office — it’s Barack Hussein Obama all over again!

    • Sanchez

      Well, We have an unqualified black mayor now!

  • Suzyqpie

    The Racial Industrial Complex Is very lucrative. DeRay saw an opportunity in the RIC and he moved to capitalize on his name recognition. There are vast career opportunities, money, and political power to be gleaned from RIC.

  • Sanchez

    There is a residency requirement I’ll have top look up the details of later but the Mayor has to reside in the city. I do know that.

    I am not sure if it has to be so long before a run for office.

  • Sanchez

    Its not like Baltimore voters really care about qualifications,

    • journogal

      That could be said about progressives/liberals nationwide. All you have to do is make a bunch of vague promises, say you are going to run Conservatives out and that no one has to work – and BAM! you are either the nominee or elected.

  • Magnifico

    Imagine the mass exodus within the Baltimore Police Department.

  • bifski

    color of his skin make him qualified?

  • Paladin

    DeRay will usher in a new era of Black supremacy. When the city completely collapses, he’ll form the entire city into gangs in order to “fix” other states.

    Child soldiers are the next step.

  • waterytart

    If ever a city and a person deserved each other, this, folks, is it.

  • David ✓’ed out

    Oh man…if he actually runs, I am gonna need to go get a hell of a lot more popcorn.

  • bicentennialguy

    Bulldoze the city into the bay. It’s the only recourse left.

    • David ✓’ed out

      No problems with that, as long as the Orioles and Ravens have been relocated first. No reason why the sports teams should have to pay for the incompetency of the city itself.

  • Guy Dudebreaux

    Sweet. I hope he wins. I feel a lot safer her on the left coast.

    • Cärlös Dängër ✓certifiable

      I hope he wins, too. Then he will truly own what is going on in that city. *None* of his ideas will be of any benefit to Baltimore.

  • Jerry Shelton

    A match made in heaven! This is a real WIN WIN

  • G3

    Know what? I actually hope he wins. Then he can see what it’s like to work for a living and have to manage and solve problems. Anyone can sit on the sideline and throw rocks – put up or shut up, DeRay.

  • Wanderer

    Wow. Just when you thought they couldn’t do worse than the last mayor if they tried.

  • Laticia

    You mean he was a resident of Baltimore to begin with? I really need to find a new state to live in…he makes me ashamed to share a state with him.

    • Craig

      *Trying to be an adult, trying to be an adult

      • Laticia

        Craig…when have you ever been an adult…

        • Craig

          That’s the closest I’ve gotten

        • Craig

          This is the closest I’ve ever gotten…

  • marcus tullius cicero

  • Girl who talks with her eyes
  • Girl who talks with her eyes

    Was that evolutionary throwback really ever a teacher?
    I wouldn’t have wanted to be a white kid in one of his classes.
    He and the rest of the BLM crowd think they are empowering black people to be the next slavemasters in some kind of misguided attempt at revenge.
    Unfortunately, everything they do sets them back to a point where the newly released slaves had more independence, equality and autonomy than the BLM people do. They owned land, farmed, worked, took care of themselves.

    The whole BLM movement is based on keeping inequality alive and increasing the disparity between races. They howl that they need more care from the government, be it monetary, or special dispensation to break laws without punishment. They portray themselves as so weak that they can’t live without the government & its money, can’t control themselves from getting violent when things don’t go their way, need lower standards for education & job applications.

    Sorry guys, but I know that the majority of black people ARE equal to white people. They work alongside me, live in my neighborhood, support themselves, do their jobs as well as any white person.
    Wanting any special dispensation based on dark skin color essentially says that you think white people are somehow smarter or better than black people, which is a megaton buttload of bullshit.

  • Tom

    Give the homie a break…he couldn’t possibly eff it more than it currently is.

  • AMD_Afficionado

    Their governor never should have taken the National Guard out of that city.

    It’s time for Martial Law in that hole. It’s not as though they even have a functional police presence themselves 🙁

  • VanceJ

    LOL, that is a winner, Baltimore will burn to the ground. By, By. It’s already a Black run city, now to be a Black Agitator run city, LOL, now their is a winner

  • interestedobserver2

    Now that’s going to be very entertaining!

  • lolgfy

    Duhrays first order: every Sunday is ruin a white guys breakfast day! F U Duhray

  • Jim Bahen

    All he needs is the support of the gangs that are running Baltimore !!!