Is it ironic that long-time Clinton cheerleader Andrea Mitchell is asking Bill Clinton how Hillary’s run for president has changed between 2008 and 2016? Perhaps Mitchell thinks there’s more she could do to help this time around.

Bill Clinton stressed that 2016 won’t be a repeat of 2008, unless of course Bernie Sanders manages to come out of nowhere and defeat Hillary. That won’t happen again, though, because Hillary and Barack Obama had “enormous overlap” in their issues, with Hillary carrying the extra burden of Bill and their shared scandals.

Aside from the flipping of quarters in Iowa, technology has almost completely transformed the campaigning process, and Hillary Clinton is getting pretty handy with technologies like the fax machine, the iPhone, and the shredder. What else has changed?

And point. It’s 2016, and the video clip shows that Bill Clinton still points at people who ask him uncomfortable questions.