After a very short concession speech by Donald Trump, it was winner Ted Cruz’s turn to declare victory and thanks his staff and supporters. Helped to victory by evangelicals, Cruz didn’t hesitate to interject God into his speech from the very beginning and all the way throughout.

While Trump gave one of the shortest speeches ever, Cruz took his time.

  • Jeff Henderson ✓Bona Fide

    The fact that the Washington corps are so puzzled by the speech makes it even better. They understand nothing.

    • Booj

      They’re not puzzled. They’re quite certain it was bad.
      Kind of like the “New York Values” thing.

      • maggieinWY

        Funny that a great majority of Trumpits are now calling Iowans names without a problem.

        • sharkguitar

          New Yorkers think Iowans are a bunch of ignorant, corny, rubes. As usual they’re right.

          • maggieinWY

            New Yawkers are narcissistic idiots and celebrity worshipers. So I’d say it’s about even.

  • drw

    I remember rambling on quite a bit after the birth of my first son. Life changing moments will do that to ya…

    • jhawk90

      Like that take – he’ll learn and move on.

      • Jeff H ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ comic genius

        No, his speech is proof he’s already learned.

    • vetgal1970

      I think he might be in shock a little

    • Ben Bollman

      There was nothing wrong with his speech.

  • jhawk90

    Ok, but Hillary’s – wow. She’s spent. It’s over for her. Zombie Bill ain’t saving the day.

    • JV

      He was checking out the women in the 2nd row

    • Chris Carter
      • LinTaylor ✓vitrified
      • Laticia

        She drug her pregnant daughter out there? Yikes!!!

        • John Hitchcock

          Gotta fake those family values, donchaknow?

          • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

            Didn’t they bash Palin for doing something like that…?

          • Grumpy Granny

            Well, at least the kid hasn’t been aborted.

        • Perso Nasplit

          Im surprised they could find a beta-male that was willing…

        • constitutionminded

          Trying to keep the family dynasty alive.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Even in his victory they begrudge him his moment.

    • vetgal1970

      Right? How many blowhard Obama screes have we been subjected to?

    • Chevypowered

      As expected and the media and establishment still wonder why we despise them.

    • CombatDiver

      I have noticed that even after Cruz wins, Fox is heavy on coverage of Rubio and and his incredible 3rd place finish. Seems with each passing day, Fox gets more and more mainstream and are doing everything in their power to hide Cruz. I’m thoroughly convinced that if it wasn’t for his win, they would refuse to show him. Megyn Kelly seemed fairly quick to interrupt and cut off his Comms director last night as well.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        Very disappointing.

      • Jake Wilde

        They came out against Cruz the day he announced his candidacy. I’ll try to find some footage of the day Cruz announced. They were all portraying him as a Demagogue. He doesn’t get along with anyone but is all in it for himself. The GOP establishment and Fox has tried to railroad this election as much as the past ones. McCain? Sheesh! They have done everything to undercut Cruz. I can barely watch them because most of them use the air for a narrative of their own.

    • almarquardt

      And I’m feeling a bit of Schadenfreude.

  • William Girardot

    Is he still talking??? Yikes…

  • Maxx

    Great night for working class conservatives. The fella with the bus defeated the billionaire with the plane, who finished only 1 percentage point above the fella with the boat.

    • FramersForCruz

      it will likely be rubio because both parties will attack Cruz

      • Giuseppe Franco

        Nobody has had more attack ads against him the last month than Rubio.

        Jeb alone has spent like $30M in attack ads and Cruz and Christie has been pounding him as well.

        • vetgal1970

          He nearly bumped Trump out of second while Trump was looking at Cruz, He’ll get some heat from Trump now

  • JV

    I knew my $ contribution was well spent


    • oldshortfatboy

      Mine, too, and I’ll be sending more.

    • CombatDiver

      I gave $50 last month and I’ll give $50 again this month.

  • FramersForCruz

    Hume and Perino lol

    please pick rubio or DC will change, eeeeek we can’t have that, LOL

    • vetgal1970

      He’s right, they are afraid of US having an actual voice

  • FramersForCruz

    are u a Trump fanboy or a Clintonite?

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    You think the long knives were out for Cruz before, it’s going to get nasty. Sigh– but #GoCruz

    • Chevypowered

      From both sides no less…

      • John Hitchcock

        From the Left, the Far Left, and the whackobird Lunatic Left.

        • journogal

          But those are one in the same.

  • Adam

    People are pretty salty Cruz was just rubbing his win in Trump face and all his doubters….

    • Chris Carter

      • John Hitchcock

  • Trump, the Insult Dog

    Marco had a good night, but he would gladly trade places with Cruz in a nanosecond.

  • Trump, the Insult Dog

    Ari Fletcher is firmly in the Rubio camp, as is Bitter Brit Hume.

    • Hashtag pundit

      The establishment is coalescing.

  • Trump, the Insult Dog

    Dear Media:

    Ted Cruz defeated the Trump assault, defeated the Governor Branstad family, defeated the media, and defeated the ethanol lobby.

    That is the story

    • Giuseppe Franco

      It’s also a big night for Rubio because the media had essentially declared this a two-man race between Trump and Cruz for the last month with Rubio as an afterthought until the Iowa debate.

      So Rubio has come out of nowhere the last week to ten days to outperform the polls and has now made this a three-man race.

      While Cruz winning a state he was supposed to win and HAD to win is the biggest story of the night, I’m not sure how you can squabble over Rubio getting a lot of positive coverage tonight.

      • Trump, the Insult Dog

        No, Marco would love to trade places with Cruz

    • journogal

      …defeated the Governor Branstad family,… This is the biggie.

  • Guan_yu

    Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work
    within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.
    – Ephesians 3:20

  • vetgal1970

    Hannity, dying HAHAHA
    Please let us focus on why Trump lost instead of how Cruz won

    Oh and how fantastic that he was gracious like a human being and didn’t melt down on stage. Hannity is like watching a campaign consulting meeting for Trump tonight

  • mactekus

    Cruz got the highest number of votes ever, debunked Trump, and drove a stake in the heart of ethanol all in one shot.

    It’s called standing for principles.

    • constitutionminded

      Watching the video above I would say he drove the stake in the subsidies. But I still would like to know why we use our food for an expensive fuel.

  • Darkbella007

    Dana, do hold your breath.

  • JD Son✓MyWizIzTheShiz

    Great speech by Cruz. Humble man honoring his love for god, and very respectful of the constitution. Ted Cruz 2016.

  • wrestlefan01

    speech was good but it was a little to long winded imo

    • Trump, the Insult Dog

      It had you be long because of all the “thank yous.

  • Dobermite

    Did he complete this speech yet?

    I dozed off (you heard one televangelist charlatan, you heard them all), woke up close to an hour later, and he was still yapping about leading a religious revival.

    Yeah thats just what we need, the Rev. Ted leading a religious revival.

    • John Hitchcock

      That’s a neat trick. You’re clutching your pearls and trampling them (Matthew 7:6) at the same time.

  • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

    If Trump won, can you imagine his speech? It’s midnight PST as I type this, and he’d still be gloating about how great he is.

    This is one victory, but many need to be had in this long race. Celebrate it tonight, for tomorrow there’s much hard work to be done before conservatives can finally accomplish what this country so desperately needs.

  • teamfrazzled

    He’s the son of a minister-I would be shocked if it didn’t come out at times like these. Cruz knew a loss here was lethal for his chances while he can take later losses elsewhere more easily. Trump knew it too. Cruz-the only candidate who made a loser of Trump! 🙂

  • DINORightMarie

    A lot of bitterness and bile from Fox News commentators, like Brit and Dana Perino.

    Woah. This is a speech any one of the victors in years not long past would have given – and praising God is NORMAL, people on the left and RINOs. It isn’t TOO LONG to thank those who brought you a HUGE, unpredicted victory!!

    Bitter. Bitter. Losers.

  • gekkobear

    Four things.

    1) Well done Cruz, you pulled it out and won the damned thing.

    2) Trump found out being ahead in the polls without a ground game is a losing proposition; just in time to show him at 28 in the NH polls (where he was at in IA 2 days ago) without a ground game… is there time to fix this, or will he shlong himself again?
    3) Rubio? Outperformed polls; but 3rd is still behind 2 people. Lets not go crazy like Reuters calling him the “Champion” of the GOP Iowa election. 3rd means you’ve got catching up to do, not that you’re winning. (even if you did get as many delegates as 2nd did).

    4) Now for Cruz… do NOT talk for over 30 minutes again. You won, short & sweet. 8 minutes with some bullet points… not whatever the hell that was.

    I’m hoping Cruz wins NH, and stops filibustering his own speeches.

    • John Hitchcock

      I fully expect a squish to win the Suburb of Boston. I don’t expect Cruz to win that state. Might not even finish second. But I would be very happy if Cruz outperforms my expectations. I’m a Cruz man.

  • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

    Cruz wins because he talks straight and doesn’t insult the voters’ intelligence.

  • wharfrat

    Ted gave praise and credit to God who chooses the leader of America, without him we would all be doomed.

    • CoastalMaineBird

      God who chooses the leader of America
      So, why do we even vote?
      If God chooses turkeys like O’bama, why even bother?

  • Hi This Is My Username

    Good for him, but this is far from over. Here’s to hoping common sense beats out everything.

  • Stephen

    Still all about Trump on FOX this morning.

    • Karla1953

      I never watch them but have Morning Azzhat on and they too all about Trump even saying that his the story as he is not a pol SMDH

  • mathewsjw

    so Establishment GOP can’t bash Cruz for winning, so attack Cruz’s speech..LOL

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    If warning alarms are NOT going off in your head about Cruz now, just continue to color…

    • John Hitchcock

      Trumpster say what?

  • Jake Wilde

    It was an extraordinary win for the most worthy candidate. Cruz has all forces aligned against him and pulled it off? The GOPe are all on twitter trumpeting a 3rd place finish for Rubio and creating as much hyperbole as possible to defame Cruz.

    • Karla1953

      He really did not have the forces against him that many thought because he had a ground game and that is what it takes in Iowa. I have been saying for sometime that his ground game was rumored to be spectacular and it was. That is what it takes to win Iowa but it is still anyone of those 3 race to win or lose IMO that is

  • Jeff H ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ comic genius

    This helps make my decision for Cruz easier. Been holdin’ back on donating. Will probably pull the trigger soon.

  • Ben Bollman

    Fox News apparently thinks Rubio won with the way they are acting.

    • aka_m

      Considering they (and every other media outlet) have called it a two-man race between Trump and Cruz for the last few months it was a definite win for Rubio.

      • Ben Bollman

        The problem is how they treated Cruz. They were even whining about how long his speech was. He just beat Donald Trump! That is huge! And they still act like Rubio won the dang thing.

    • Karla1953

      Well in many ways he did……………he was polling(another reason polls to me are rubbish) at 10% give or take and yet he pulled in 23% of the vote and the same number of delegates as Trump. *shrugs*.

      • Ben Bollman

        The problem is how they treated Cruz. They were even whining about how long his speech was. He just beat Donald Trump! That is big! And they still act like Rubio won the dang thing.

        • Karla1953

          Frankly I was pleased as punch that he won as he is on my list(I am still undecided)however for me I knew he had a superb ground game so I was not that shocked as I kind of expected it. Rubio getting that close to Trump was a shocker for me though. j/s
          I too thought the speech was a bit long winded but that is JMO. Then again I rarely watch any cable channel for long I get what I need and then mute them. They matter that little to me.

  • Frogmouth

    I actually feel kind of bad for Republican candidates these days. If you’re a Democrat, all you’ve got to do to get the nod is promise
    enough free chit to the right recipients and parrot a few talking points
    to placate the rest of the mob and you’re golden. Look at Hillary and all the baggage she comes loaded down with and she’s STILL not completely out of the race.

    Republicans have to be Jesus-y enough to fire up the base, but not so much they alienate the “undecideds” and more middle of the road voters. Plus, they’ve got to be able to sound convincing when they promise smaller government and more jobs, talk out of both sides of their mouths on illegal immigration and immigration reform. All while having the media misrepresent everything they say.

  • rae palmer

    Dana Perino, typical establishment supporter. How about saying congratulations instead?

    • constitutionminded

      They would beat her up on the Five if she did.

  • Dobermite

    I am an evangelical Christian and proud of it, social conservative across the board, from A to Z, but I am not a zealot so I can still spot a charlatan when I see one.

    Ted Cruz totally manipulated and exploited Christians in Iowa. His Rev. Ted act was embarrassing. I can’t believe they fell for it. It was transparently full of dung. He looked like a shyster televangelist who robs little old ladies of their social security checks, then buys himself a Rolls Royce. It was totally self-serving.

    I wish these dopes in Iowa could have recognized how destructive it is to make TED FRIGGIN CRUZ the face of the religious right in America. You could not have chosen a more detestable con man. You have DAMAGED the Body of Christ with this stunt, not “awoken it” as the Rev. Ted implored. You have validated everything the materialists and leftists think and say about Christians, that they are stupid and easily manipulated. You just got rolled by the last man on earth who is qualified to lead a Christian revival in this country. Quite the contrary, he will single-handedly turn evangelicals into an object of ridicule. THANKFULLY it won’t get to that point because the other (more rational) states will correct your folly as usual.

  • D. R. Tiller

    To god the glory-atheists get a necktie party. Delusional putz.

    • ToyZebra

      Most of our past presidents have expressed belief in God. I don’t recall any mass hangings.

  • Rick Tocchet

    I love what he said about his mother, beautiful, blew me away.

  • CannonBall2014

    What Cruz did to Carson, he’s nothing but a weasel.

    • Roadster73

      Whatever he did to Carson, I hope he does it to Hillary or Bernie too

      • CannonBall2014

        He won’t have the chance.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    So ALL outlets predicted he wouldn’t win: had highest number of votes ever-man got emotional. The MSM wouldn’t understand genuine gratitude/rejoicing when they saw it. THIS feeling is what the portent of “hope and change” really mean!

  • Brian

    It’s fun to imagine the reaction from this site if a Muslim won and opened their speech with “allah ackbar”. All right for some, I guess.

  • sharkguitar

    Ted Cruz is a fat buffoon. It’s all down hill from here Hoser!

  • PhotogTom

    “To God be the Glory” in Arabic that is “allahu Akbar”. Something Terrorists say to justify their actions.