Seeing as National Review recently published a special “Against Trump” issue compiling essays by a long list of conservatives opposing the nomination of Donald Trump, it’s no surprise that National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg has his eye out for right-wingers who are, if not actively supporting Trump, not joining the movement against him.

One place he’s finding these people is Fox News. Is he right? In many cases there’s little doubt.


  • Deplorable Jesse-Messy Hammer

    …Tweet by #Stella: “They know where their bread is buttered.”
    …I ditched FNC myself due to their trumprumpery…whatever Stella means by her tweet, it’s a good fit for how FNC’s behaved since this nitwit’s campaign kicked off last June. So much for Fox’s “fair-&-balanced” act, since CNN & most of the media are also in the tank for DT. YEAH I said CNN & the Left are sensationalizing the guy, yet Trumpeters refuse to wonder why that’d be so…I know why they want Trump nominated…because they believe (understandably so) that he’d make Hillary a shoo-in.

    • journogal

      I don’t think it’s so much in the tank for Trump as it is for the ratings. Just my opinion.

      • constitutionminded

        I think you are correct.

      • Karla1953

        I think that is also it/course I rarely tune in the evening anyway cause I got my own opinions LOL same reason I do not do the talk radio thing. They all for the most part IMO have their own agenda for whatever reason(which is fine I just do not partake). Then again they are all opinion anyway but makes one wonder why Trump needs all of them there to love him LOL

      • Deplorable Jesse-Messy Hammer

        …I seem to recall FNC always being on top of the ratings while it was still fair & balanced. Also, Sean Hannity’s the biggest cheerleader for Trump…Is he doing it just for ratings? Nope, he’s a grown man (not part of a #BorgCollective) who nonetheless is a true-believer who’s fallen for Trump “and can’t get up”.

    • Mylnne Simon

      I think they are all friends and they are afraid that he will turn his wrath on them the same way he tried to destroy Megyn.

      • Deplorable Jesse-Messy Hammer

        NOT if he (DT) doesn’t get nominated, and there’s the “rub”: Why would Fox be wringing their hands in fear of someone who hasn’t even been nominated, whereas all Fox has to do (shoulda happened 6 months ago) is to STOP letting Trump use their network as the “platform” to gain followers?

    • vetgal1970

      Since before he decided to run really. Years he called in and went in to tell us what he thought of Bush, Cheney, the war, etc. Obama and Hillary and healthcare and TARP. Then wham one day he woke up and started waving the Obama birther thing around. Then progressed to vetting our 2012 candidates even as he was mulling running I. And no one questioned why our candidates should go up there and kiss his ring, lending him all the credibility he needed to get us to HERE. 🙁

    • Skigirl1689

      I’ve quit watching as well, though I am still a fan of Gutfeld. I don’t think he doubts Trump. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part though.

  • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!


  • Jill

    Anyone who honestly believes that Fox dislikes Trump is deluding themselves. When I still had cable, Trump was like Waldo, only not so difficult to find. He was everywhere, blathering about everything. It is fine to have your personal preferences, but the slobbering love affair is so obvious that I cannot really tolerate the channel even in Roku’s clip format.

    • Karla1953

      Well I got to say I used to listen to Morning Azzhat for a half hour before I leave for work but had to stop as I thought it was Morning Trump he was either on or calling in or the adored by all for his greatness. So they are not alone he calls in to all the shows and they all let him do so and ramble on non stop
      Oh and some of the radio shows from the news clips I read on my disqus dashboard thingie are all pretty much in the bag for Trump also

  • douglasmarks

    Trump to Helicopter Door-to-Door in Final Iowa Push

    BY E. WILLIAMS on JANUARY 31, 2016

    DES MOINES (The Barbed Wire) – As the clock winds down to the first official voting of the 2016 election cycle, candidates were frantically crisscrossing the state in a last minute effort to persuade Iowans to caucus for them Monday night. Donald Trump decided to canvass neighborhoods in style.

    Flying in the Trump helicopter, the Donald gave residents the thrill of seeing his chopper up close, as it landed in their driveways or front yards. Once safely on the ground, Trump was carried on the shoulders of his crew to the front door where he made his one-minute pitch to the resident.

    If Trump visited a house where nobody was home, he left his business card with a “Sorry I missed you! But vote for me anyway. You know you want to.” message stuck in the door somewhere. For residents who suffered damage to their landscaping from the helicopter landings, Trump tossed a few Benjamin’s to the resident to cover the cost.

    He was able to stretch his legs occasionally when the crew put the helicopter down in a cul-de-sac. Trump instructed his pilot to land in the middle and he would walk to the five or six houses before climbing back in to fly to the rest of the houses on the street.

    When the crew encountered an apartment complex, and later, when he grew bored of the whole canvassing thing, he had his pilot hover low over the building and shouted to residents below with a megaphone. If he encountered someone on the ground holding a sign supporting one of his opponents, or a Megyn Kelly doll, he shouted “Get the hell outta here!” using the megaphone.

    After one successful campaign flight, Trump reportedly asked his assistants, “I wonder how the poor candidates canvassed?” And they all had a big laugh.

    • grais

      * Applause *
      * Much Applause *

  • AZWarrior

    Well it’s caucus day in Iowa and I am just waiting for the Republican Party Establishment to release some wild-ass accusation against Trump which of course will be proven to be totally false but not until tomorrow after the caucuses. Old Democrat trick so watch for it just hours before the vote.

    • Stephen


      • AZWarrior


        • Stephen

          Can’t tell if you’re serious with all that or not.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Yeah, they’ll probably try to claim that Trump donates to Democrats or supports funding for Planned Parenthood or is in favor of single payer.

      Oh, wait, that’s all true.

      • Stephen

        But Megyn shook hands with Michael Moore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

          It was to get her vaccination booster against cooties.

  • Trump, the Insult Dog

    He failed to mention the Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch.

    Rupert has publicly stated he prefers Trump over Ted Cruz.

    Should also be pointed out that Murdoch, Soros, Paul Singer all supported Marco Rubio during the Gang of 8.

    Paul Singer, advocate of gay marriage and open borders, is a present day billionaire bundler for Rubio.

  • Stephen

    Can’t stand FOX. Whether it’s Guttfeld making the same joke every day or Bolling drooling over Trump, it’s a tough watch. I like Megyn Kelly and I watch TheBlaze but that might make me the devil…

  • Trump, the Insult Dog

    Donald Trump is a regular call-in guest on Fox & Friends

    • Karla1953

      He is a regular call in guest on most morning shows these days LOL

    • IvyDevilDog

      Has been a regular call-in on Monday morning at 7:00am for years…

  • Jimni27

    I agree with him about F&F, Hannity, OReilly.
    Gutfield, Perrino, Williams would be “most” of The Five and I don’t think they’re Trump fans.
    At least Brett and Megyn don’t kiss his behind. That’s all that maters to me anyhow.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      “Gutfield, Perrino, Williams would be “most” of The Five and I don’t think they’re Trump fans.”

      To be fair, some people that fill in for those three (like Watters) can be major Trump shills.

      • Jimni27

        Those three are pretty regular though.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    FOX totes hates Trump, you guys. O’Reilly bought Trump a lot of vanilla milkshakes, but Trump wanted cherry.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    “Dammit, those FOX bastards made Trump wait five minutes before putting him on the air for the 60th time this week! Bias!”
    –Trump supporters

  • Stuck_in_Ca√→

    You forgot Megyn Kelley Jonah? She loves Trump.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Trump loved Megyn, too… until she asked him a tough question.

      • Stuck_in_Ca√→

        It wasn’t that tough and he answered her.
        Kelley, “Why did you call Rosie O’Donnel a pig?”
        Trump, “Because she’s a pig.”

  • Anthony

    It’s called damage control.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Thing is, though, if Trump doesn’t place first in Iowa tonight, expect to hear the word “FOX” a lot… at least in-between his “IOWANS ARE SO FUCKING STUPID” lines.

  • NeoKong

    Oh…I see.
    Apparently only Jonah and his buddies can have an opinion.
    Maybe Jonah should remember that most of the names he shows are not journalists.
    They are pundits.
    Political opinion is their thing.
    It’s Jonah’s thing too.
    What’s the problem…?

    • whatev…✓ yo’self.

      Not a Trump fan, but is Jonah saying that the Fox should persecute Trump? They give him so much air time because he’s a blowhard that could potentially say anything at any moment, and he gets ratings. Not being a Dick to someone, isn’t the same as endorsing them. If I want to see Republicans being run over, I’ll tune in to MSNBC.

  • robostop10

    Foxnews has been shilling for Trump and now pushing “momentum” for Rubio which per the polls isn’t happening. Like most of you, I have cut down my Foxnews watching of late. I can’t take it in large doses. Full disclosure, I’ll watch tonight as the results come in around 8-9ET.

    • keyboard jockey

      I noticed they started out he was going to come in 3rd place and now Rubio’s going to beat Ted Cruz for 1st place.

  • jaded

    oh Jonah… get a grip. You are sounding like a kid who lost his pacifier. You know what wasn’t “fair and balanced”? Devoting an entire mag to be against a single candidate–someone who happens to be a successful businessman nonetheless. What is it you really hate about him anyway? His brash, New York style of tell it like it is?
    And I’m someone who has a different top candidate I’d like to see win–but I will use my Sharpie marker on Trump before anyone else if he is the candidate in November!

  • unknown

    Is Fox News going to to join forces with SJWs to petition Marvel fire their CEO for daring to donate money to a charity fundraiser that Trump held?

  • twfuller

    All these programs Goldberg complains about being pro Trump are more opinion formats than hard news, so – who cares! So long as none of them are pro Hillary or Bernie.

  • grais

    The Outnumbered group was not happy w/The National Review.
    It surprised and disgusted me.
    And I cannot believe Dana Perino would support such a crass, immature, blowhard as the leader of this country. Nope.

  • Julescat

    tell us about Fox News and their open borders support, Jonah.

    what’s that? you want to still get paid to be an on air personality so you ignore the truth?

  • MoxieLouise1

    @JonahNRO Drunk on the prospect of being led by an unprincipled, petulant child. We’re doomed…it’s just a matter of how long.”
    Um…how is that any different than the last 8 years??

    • Julescat

      but Jonah’s boss didn’t threaten to leave the country after o-hole was elected

  • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

    I’ve really cut down on watching Fox, except for The Five and Breitbart. Just isn’t what it used to be.

    Skip around to CNN, BBC, and Aljareeza.

    EDIT: Trump is such a fool:

    Here’s a good place for info, written by an incredibly intelligent female lawyer, firm conservative, although an atheist. She chops up liberals and fertilizes her garden with them:

  • Vindicated

    You know what I haven’t heard? I haven’t heard a single GOPe luminary (or functionary, for that matter) say “You know what? Maybe we are somewhat responsible for all this support of outsiders. Maybe we should listen to what our voters are actually saying.”

    They aren’t budging a bit. Does anyone think that’s smart?

  • des111168

    A lot of desperation these last few hours. It’s been obvious.

  • The DeplorableZombieReagan

    Ratings must be slipping. If Fox was pro-Trump, if would be obvious and Jonah wouldn’t have to “point it out”.

    • LimpingHenry

      People can be more pro-Trump than anti-Trump and still prefer another candidate.

  • Hillarybilly

    If more pundits at fox news actually do support Donald Trump than they are no different than the rest of the country. After Iowa there’s really no threat to his dominance.

    • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

      Errm…..he lost.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Fox News people dropped J3B for the shiny guy !

  • LimpingHenry

    Saying more pro-Trump than anti-Trump says nothing about Trump versus any other candidate. That might have some importance.

  • Dan Abbett

    Townhall would seem to be showing their bias as well. They have put Ted Cruz at the very bottom of their list in the Iowa caucus results. Not by accident I am certain.

  • surfdog

    The pro Trump Fox group only have one vote each and those will be cancelled out by voters like me who have hated the fraud that is Trump for thirty years .

  • HiltonHead_Dude

    My only problem with those that support Trump is they seem to take it personally if you don’t support Trump, and make the leap to call you establishment or RINO or some other nonsense. It’s bizarre and just not worth my time.

    I didn’t support single payer, or more gun control, or eminent domain, or amnesty for illegal aliens, or suggest Hillary would be a great Secretary of State and think she would be a great negotiator, didn’t give money to her senate campaign, or to Nancy Pelosi’s campaign, and I certainly didn’t have Hillary show up to my kids wedding, Trump did.

    But somehow, he’s the savior for the country?

    • Arttie the Deplorable

      “What’s past is prologue.”

    • Mike Bittner

      ROFL! I love it! Someone else that “gets” it. Only thing you missed is he acts like a spoiled 4th grader whenever someone says something he doesn’t like about him.

  • Shoeless Joe

    How about an alternate opinion? It seems to me that FNC is actively anti Trump.
    Case in point, Megyn Kelly. She is so clearly anti trump that she makes no pretense
    of objectivity. I know what you’re thinking,,but she drew first blood with her ridiculous
    attempt to take out a candidate at the first FNC debate with poorly researched smears.
    I know that I am in the minority here, but Trump is not Satan

  • ricoliv

    Newsflash: There are more than a few of us conservatives who are capable of forming our own opinions of candidates, no matter what some pundit says. And, yes, we can still manage to consider ourselves conservative even though we may not worship at the shrine of Donald Trump.

    I can appreciate Eric Bolling, Greta Van Susteran and other Trump-leaners for reasons other than their political bias. By the same token, I can enjoy Jonah Goldberg’s columns for the sheer wit and skill he brings to journalism, irrespective of his anti-Trumpery.

    The sheer idiocy of saying that Fox News is not “fair and balanced” BECAUSE it presents an alternative view to that of the anti-Trump brigade is testimony to the muddled thinking of those who rail against the MSM and the alphabet networks for presenting only one side of the story, while disparaging a friendlier network for covering both sides. If there’s logic there, it defies revelation.

    Are we to believe that an “all-conservative network” is needed because “true” conservatives are too dumb, too narrow-minded, or (ironically) too irresolute to be trusted to reach their own conclusions? Is the echo chamber of all-Trump/all-the-time the antidote to freedom of opinion, since only one side of an issue needs representation? So long as you agree with us, you’re all right, Jack?

    Because I am capable of changing the channel if I find Fox’s occasional Trumpism overwhelming (and I admit to having done just that), I still value it for the amount of anti-Trump or “neither/nor” commentary which accounts for the rest of its political coverage. If you want a dose of REAL unfair and unbalanced “news,” spend an hour or two at CNN or MSNBC or NBC or CBS or PBS … and then count your blessings that FNC exists.

  • ssj429

    oh Malkin…heaven FORBID people like Trump! Oh my gosh! Stop the presses!! ???

  • notenoughtime

    Quit watching some time ago because the pundits are always the same and Fox needs to shake it up a little. But it is obvious that the majority of those at Fox run more establishment than toward Trump.

  • tamanator

    Most of Fox’s anchors love Trump for the ratings but their true candidates are Rubio and Christie–the establishment duo!

  • miamihurricane101 .

    Everybody is missing the Trump Stump. The Tea Party won Congress pretty much in a landslide in 2010 and 2014 and what do we get in 2015, total capitulation to Odumbo. That’s why some of us like Trump. The GOP hasn’t done crap! I wish I was wrong.

  • bifski

    vs msnbc cnn cnbc al-jamuslim all leftist pigs

  • Linda

    Perhaps some of them are just trying to counteract all of the negative things said about Trump and all of the anti-Trump anchors and guests on all of the other networks

  • A concerned citizen

    I have watched FOX every night for years and here is My perspective; FOX originally ignored Trump until CNN and MSNBC started to make fun of him and then jumped on also. All of the networks including FOX only covered his controversial statements and most of them did the out of context trick to make him look stupid like the TEMPORARY halt of muslim immigration after San Bernardino massacre because one of the perpetrators WAS legally given a VISA by our Obama administration employees!
    Once I actually started to understand what was going on and who was manipulating who it became obvious that Rupert Murdoch owner of FOX who chairs an open border lobby was instrumental in blackmailing Rubio to go for His amnesty bill last year which also included a provision to ensure open borders forever!
    So then I started to pay attention and noticed that Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin were no longer contributors obviously because they support the LAW and controlled immigration.
    ALL media as well as FOX are now blocking news coverage of Europe’s complete immigrant meltdown with thousands of rapes, murders, and bombings in Germany, Austria and Sweden by Islamic migrants.
    So back to who is a Trump supporter: Hannity gives Trump less air time than the others so it ain’t him. OReilly likes him because it boosts his ratings but he always tries to tell Trump how to run his campaign which is awkward. Mrs Kelly had a nightly segment which could only be titled “Whats wrong with Trump” .
    The Bottom line is I avoid FOX News because they are in the tank for open borders as dictated to by Rupert Murdoch. This violation of law is getting Americans killed for no reason other than greed to bring in low wage labor.
    I think Diamond and Silk currently have more journalistic abilities then the entire FOX News station.