This weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz said he wouldn’t apologize for using every tool available to get Iowans out to vote, including a controversial mailer that hit mailboxes on Friday and convinced at least one voter leaning toward Marco Rubio that he’d made his choice. The very official-looking mailer was headed “Voting Violation” and, by combing publicly available records, graded not only the recipient but his or her neighbors on their voting records.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, things got worse as Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker managed to track down a woman who deemed Cruz a “bully” for giving her an “F” in front of her neighbors, even though she’s disabled and can’t make it to this year’s caucus.

In an unconfirmed tweet sent today, another woman gave Cruz and other candidates a good reason to stop using the “vote shaming” mailers.

Shaming the dead for not voting — at least it’s more ethical than uncovering records of the deceased voting Democrat, right?

We agree that the bogus “Voter Violation” mailers are ripe for retirement, but how are they managing to sweep up the deceased?