This weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz said he wouldn’t apologize for using every tool available to get Iowans out to vote, including a controversial mailer that hit mailboxes on Friday and convinced at least one voter leaning toward Marco Rubio that he’d made his choice. The very official-looking mailer was headed “Voting Violation” and, by combing publicly available records, graded not only the recipient but his or her neighbors on their voting records.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, things got worse as Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker managed to track down a woman who deemed Cruz a “bully” for giving her an “F” in front of her neighbors, even though she’s disabled and can’t make it to this year’s caucus.

In an unconfirmed tweet sent today, another woman gave Cruz and other candidates a good reason to stop using the “vote shaming” mailers.

Shaming the dead for not voting — at least it’s more ethical than uncovering records of the deceased voting Democrat, right?

We agree that the bogus “Voter Violation” mailers are ripe for retirement, but how are they managing to sweep up the deceased?

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    To be fair, it’s a blue state, so she’s probably voted multiple times since she died.

    • Giuseppe Franco

      Ah, you beat me to it.

      These “Dead people vote Democrat” jokes just kinda write themselves, don’t they?

      • Orwellian_Dilemma

        Just like those ballots. Just like those ballots.

  • Eva_Galley

    Oh, for heaven’s sake!
    Did the daughter contact the state when her mother had passed?
    She must have been a Dem.

    • Deplorable Jesse-Messy Hammer

      Has everyone noticed what’s missing in this article’s tweets as well as the ones in the prior article about the woman who [according to The New Yorker] called Cruz a “bully” for giving her an “F” in view of her being disabled?
      …What’s missing from both these stories is…Where are the photos of the mailers which “named” these 2 people? If this is such a scandal to the Left, why aren’t they showing Twitter the mailers which “named & shamed” them? Any thoughts, friends, as to whether these enraged folks are the real deal?

      • MoxieLouise1

        Yeah, I smelled a rat also. Could be, but I don’t take anything at face value any more.

      • @MadJewessWoman

        Go and read the lady’s website
        Lauren Stephens dot com

        • Deplorable Jesse-Messy Hammer

          Okay, I looked at her website. Firstly, there ain’t a photo of that mailer on the whole site (No proof, as I suspected, of whether she was named in that mailer). Secondly, she’s an Ultra/orthodox IndyCON nutbag (whereas I thought it was DEMS making hay of the mailer, and “such a loon at that” that even Mark Levin & Savage Little Mikey are “GOP-establishment” to her (THAT’s NUTS since Levin & Savage are radio-traitors). Thirdly, it’s a “moot”-issue since Cruz WON the Iowa caucus.

          • @MadJewessWoman

            Of course she is a nutbag.
            I would not expect you to say anything different.

            Have a nice day.

          • Deplorable Jesse-Messy Hammer

            What’s that supposed to mean, “(you) wouldn’t expect (me) to say anything different?”, Lookit, come out with it: Did you share that website so’s to prove me wrong OR to prove her wrong (about the existence of the mailer with her name on it)?

          • @MadJewessWoman

            Bye, have a nice day. Take some Fish oil, it will make you happier

  • overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    Boo Hoo!

    I bet her dead mother voted for Obama……


    • truethevote

      Obama used this form in 2008. Nobody’s calling him “terrorist”, “fraud”, “nasty guy” etc

  • Minicapt

    Why should her dead mother be rated as anything other than “F”?


  • Capitalismczar

    Oh god.

  • journogal

    What an awesome response!

    Instead of three guarantees in life (born, pay taxes and die), there are really four (born, pay taxes, die and vote Democrat in the afterlife.)

    Honestly , it’s going to be a looooonnnngggg political season.

    • Karla1953

      And if people are this upset this early over this falderal I shudder to think what happens when the DNC machine kicks in Oy

  • Bklynnygirl

    Hillary picked up another supporter.

  • Seriously? ✓

    That was Ted Cruz douchebaggery at its finest.

    • Deplorable Jerry Camp

      I’m sure he personally signed it, too. The cad!

  • lCOYAR

    Cruz made a big mistake here.

    Everyone knows that the dead votes Democratic for the rest of eternity.

  • RblDiver

    Whaaa, special little snowflakes. Get over it already (that includes you Twitchy).

  • grais

    If it’s true, that’s pretty awful.
    She may want to find out whether or not her mother is still a registered voter.

  • Karla1953

    So did she not contact the election people and let them know that her Mom needed to be removed. Wonder how often they purge the voting rolls there and what the process is. j/s
    Then again I am starting to kind of be a tad bit skeptical of some of these tales but that is just little ole cynical me.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      I wondered the same thing, did she not notify anyone to remove her mother from voter registration?

      One thing I found interesting when I lived in Boston for 10 yrs.: They send a voter confirmation form to your home every year to update their records and verify that registered voter still lives at that address, or that this one is passed away, etc. I don’t recall ever receiving anything like that in LA.

      ETA: This reminds me, I better remove my brother from NH registration before he starts voting Democrat.

      • Seriously? ✓

        Seriously, would you even think to remove a dead parent from the voting rolls or anything else like that? “Sorry, Mom’s dead, did she happen to have a library card? Just wanted to let you know she’s dead.”

        • Michelle ✓classified

          It’s really strange that family members removing dead loves ones from voter rosters seems annoying to you.

          • Seriously? ✓

            It seems strange to me you find it a normal protocol. But, you have a check mark by your name and therefore must be of superior intelligence to the other Trolls who post comments. I’ll be more thoughtful in the future.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            The only troll here is you, FNG.

          • Pardon Me ✓

            Hahaha! Narcissist.

          • TexSizzle

            If we do, Democratics can’t vote in their place by claiming to be them.

            Edit: I posted this before seeing your reply below to Karla1953. GMTA.

      • Karla1953

        I only ask(and this will sound morbid but oh well)my Dad recently went over some things that he changed for down the road. On his list of things to cancel was his voter registration. I said do they not do it automatically and he said take no chances I do not want to look down and see I helped elect a Dem 🙂
        I know that I have never received anything like they do in Boston here in FL……………….

        • Penny✓ItsSoFluffy! #GoBolts!

          I don’t remember getting one in my west FL county, either, but I update my info online before every election anyway. Gotta do that when requesting the vote by mail ballot.

          • Karla1953

            Yeah I just do not know that I ever got one. I early vote usually as I in the past have worked the polls on election day or given rides to Seniors(even though I may be one LMAO)but if I work the polls it is not a given I will be in my district. Not sure if I do it this year although I am off on Tuesdays 🙂

        • Michelle ✓classified

          That’s not morbid at all. Certainly keeps the Dems from gaining new voters. I wonder what other places do what they do in Boston and annually verify eligible voters at each address. I was impressed by that and think it should be done everywhere. I need to get my brother removed in NH, but it’s too late to do it before the caucus next week. I sure hope he doesn’t vote Dem, that’ll really piss him off.

          • Karla1953

            Oh many people think the way my family approaches death is out there LOL. Yeah I find that Boston thing impressive, I think there was a problem here in FL some years back with voter rolls and I think that stuck in his 92 yr old mind, plus one has to take care of all the paperwork it is just part of life and death. j/s

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Oy, tell me about it. My brother died with no will, so I had to petition the state of NH to create his estate and name me administrator (my divorced parents do not get along and don’t care to interact with each other, so they both agreed to me handling his estate). I had to get a small filing cabinet for just his world, so many calls, so much paperwork. But thanks to this post, I am reminded to get him removed from the voting roster.

  • grais

    and then there’s this incoherence :

    Trumpin’ Jack Flash
    @xlaurenstephens Knowing what I know now, I never would’ve voted for @SenTedCruz and never will again
    I certainly won’t vote for @tedcruz

    Wonder who he’s supporting?

  • Dan Abbett

    Just one problem with this hit piece. Why is this dead person still on the voting rolls?

    • keyboard jockey

      Yes what’s up with that? And how does one shame a dead person use a Ouija board?

    • ursafan40

      Dead Lib voters don’t fade away
      They get to vote another day
      If it weren’t for the dead some may say
      No Dem would get elected anyway

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Wrong town: Chicago….

  • JV

    Anyone ask for proof before jumping to a pre canned conclusion ?

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Just shows the need for ID at the polls.

  • Vindicated

    A mistake was made. Someone’s feewings got huwt.

    Give me a Goddamned break. There are bigger issues. I really don’t need Twitchy braying “What about your GAFFES!!!”

  • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

    How many elections have there been for the past two years?


  • Jill

    Wanna know what I did with my father’s mail after he passed? It may be revolutionary, but I found that tossing the junk mail, solicitations, political ads, etc into the recycling bin was more prudent than weeping over it and angrily posting about it on Twitter.

    • MoxieLouise1

      I called the state’s voter registration office to make sure my parents’ names were removed from the voting roles. I didn’t want them voting for Obama. Voila…no more mailers.

    • truethevote

      But you’re a normal, mature adult. BIIIIG difference.

  • MoxieLouise1

    The only thing worse than political mailer shaming is internet shaming.

  • mactekus

    It’s the daughters fault for not informing the election board of her mother’s passing.

  • rae palmer

    Good grief, why does twitchy give these whiny babies any more publicity? Cruz can’t control Iowa’s registry mistakes. I think the letters are typical political tactics that I don’t care for, but all the candidates play the political games and this one is no worse than the others. At least it’s a truthful tactic based on factual records. Anyone with an F deserves one. Considering their state brings in tons of money and publicity as well as lobby money because they are first in the process, Iowans should take their responsibility seriously and participate. Frankly, I find it infuriating that they don’t appreciate the privilege they are given. I live in PA where my primary vote is meaningless because the candidate is always chosen by the time I get to vote. I’d love to trade places with a whiny F getter and take their vote.

    • Flax Seed

      “I think the letters are typical political tactics”

      Cruz is supposed to be the outsider that bucks the establishment.

      Didn’t last long.