Multiple media sources, not to mention the Denver Police Department, are reporting multiple shootings and a stabbing outside the Denver Coliseum, where a motorcycle show and swap meet is underway this weekend.

9NEWS reports that “two people were shot and one person was stabbed Saturday afternoon at East 46th Avenue and Humboldt Street” — an intersection near the Denver Coliseum, which is hosting the Colorado Motorcycle Expo this weekend.

The Denver Police Department will hold a press conference later this afternoon. Twitchy will continue to follow this developing story.

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At a 4:15 press conference, police confirmed that there was one person killed in the incident and several others who were wounded.

The Denver Post reports that an anonymous witness claims the incident arose out of a feud between members of rival biker gangs.

Last May, nine were killed after shooting erupted among rival biker gangs outside a restaurant in Waco, Texas.