Hillary Clinton’s cackle is always off-putting, and often frightening — especially when it follows the suggestion that a President Clinton appoint Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.

It does sound like a great idea, just like blaming a YouTube video for the Benghazi terrorist attack sounded like a great idea. And Obama is working on his multitasking skills, arguing for legislation before the public and then signing executive actions and commuting sentences if necessary.

We’ve been supporting a U.S. Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, and today he’s given a list of steps he’d take to set SCOTUS back on the right track.

At least eight more.

  • Suzyqpie

    I doubt that Obama would be interested in that confinement. The Obama Global Initiative will dwarf the scope and scale in revenue flow of the Clinton operation.

  • Suzyqpie

    The UN has no performance benchmarks. Everyday is a new day in free association, failure has no penalty, and lunch is always “free.” Perfect gig for Obama dialogue-ing
    away day after day.

    • Lamontyoubigdummy

      And take a gander at who is on the UN Human Rights Council.

      “If irony didn’t have a definition before, it does now.” – Pam Poovey

  • TwigaBob

    Just so long as there is ample hardship pay and frequent rotation out for the Marines.

  • interestedobserver2

    It’s a pity this guy will never be considered… It would be nice to have a judge who understands his or her role in the government, knows the law, and has a sense of humor too.

  • ClydeCrashcup

    Indeed, they only kept their law licenses alive for 5 yrs or so each after getting them, then ‘voluntarily surrendered’. Of course Factcheck.org defends (deflects) by saying; the Obamas were “never the subject of any public disciplinary proceedings.” That’s because they surrendered their licenses before the proceedings could be initiated! Nice trick. Obama’s are bad for the US.

  • Unclassifiable

    What do you know. That’s the same list of reasons the president should bypass congress with executive orders.

  • Unclassifiable

    How about exile to Guantanamo for the punishment.

  • Unclassifiable

    Well then what needs to happen is Chief Justice Arpaio.

    And those pink striped robes will be “nifty”.

  • http://wandererswaysite.wordpress.com Wanderer

    An incompetent, petulant failure who spent his entire administration undermining the Constitution at every turn. And Her Inevitableness would put him on the Supreme Court.

    If the Republicans have the Senate and that happens it’s time to abandon ship. If they don’t and that happens…