After famously skipping the Fox News Channel debate in South Carolina after being bumped down to undercard status, Rand Paul will be returning to the main debate stage Thursday night.

No Rand Paul here:

Paul and his supporters are obviously pleased to see him back on the main stage with the prime-timers.

Paul will take the edge of the stage, dangerously close to the Christie hug zone. Front and center? Donald Trump, obviously. Or an empty lectern?

Ah, these wise guy press releases. It turns out they are real after all.


  • interestedobserver2

    And you seem to be a natural born citizen of the idiocracy. Convince me that Trump will do ANYTHING for this country, and that he has actual policies (as opposed to the word “yuge”), and I might even vote for him. But thus far, you all got nuthin’.

  • DwellsInFire

    Well, all the candidates have lied, so I’ll take it you support none of them and will not vote.

    • Chase H

      Ted Cruz has been ostracized by the insiders club of the U.S. Senate because he has refused to go against his campaign promises and has kept his word to his constituents.

      • DwellsInFire

        Ted Cruz is/was for doubling the number of immigrants into the US (we’re over crowded and have high enough unemployment already) and increasing H1B visas by 500% for those foreigners stealing US jobs. This is a stab in the back for US citizens. I haven’t heard him mention deportation of illegals either as he dances around that issue. I just don’t think he can be trusted on immigration issues.

  • DwellsInFire

    When Trump says he wants to deport illegals, anti-Trumpsters say that he doesn’t have the power because we have a congress and senate that is in control. Yet if Trump is/was for single payer, then he will become a dictator and single payer will happen? I see double standards like this in virtually every attack on Trump. There should be enough Republicans to stop single payer from happening even if Trump flipped on the issue.

  • DwellsInFire

    Okay, if that’s true, then he’s flipped-flopped on that issue. Or perhaps you left out important information like every other anti-Trump person does, and you didn’t state everything he said. The latest I could find from Trump from a month ago was this: “Unless Planned Parenthood Stops Doing Abortions, We Should De-Fund It.”. It’s possible you left out his conditions for funding / de-funding just to argue against me.

  • Erick

    Trump’s biggest gamble yet:

  • AZWarrior

    Trump’s benefit for our troops was pretty good. So far over 6 million dollars donated, including a million from Trump himself. He welcomed Huckabee and Santorum to the stage and they spoke without notes in support of the Troops. Meanwhile, I am told that the criminal establishment cabal of political liers and thieves got together to send Trump a “kill-shot” but instead ended up throwing insults at an empty podium and each other. Big circle-jerk orchestrated by Fox News and Google along with an illegal alien and a Bernie Sanders supporting islamic radical fashion blogger. Now why someone who is Muslim and tends to wear black bags over their heads and bodys need a fashion blog is an interesting question, unlike the gotcha questions by the Blond Bubble Headed Nancy Grace wannabe and her establishment propagandists in Fox News. Oh well. Once again Donald Trump won the debate.