As you might be one of the millions of Americans trapped indoors with the family tonight thanks to #Snowmageddon2016, why not ask Grandpa to tell the legend about the little ice age of 2015? That incident of man-made climate change hit the East Coast one year ago this month and is famous for bringing out the rare Boston Yeti, whose blurry image was broadcast on ABC and CNN.

That should have been a warning to the American public, but despite desperate negotiations, world leaders were unable to avert #Snowmageddon2016, a man-made climate change event which has somehow revived the Tyrannosaurus Rex from its slumber beneath the New York City streets.

Beloved? He’s about to eat this group of girls at East 17th.

In the midwest, other dinosaurs were learning to use simple tools.

Some believe the dinosaur is simply a man in a costume, and that the snow is not climate change but something called “weather.”