Twitchy has compiled quite a few headlines and news crawls which seem to fall short when describing just what happened, particularly when what happened doesn’t quite fit the narrative the news outlet is trying to maintain. CNN, for example, ran a news crawl recently reading, “Palestinians shot boarding kids’ bus.” A quick trip to elaborated a bit, adding that two Palestinian men carrying knives attempted to board a bus full of children and, when forced off of the bus, stabbed an Israeli man at the bus stop before being shot by police.

Jenna Jameson perhaps found the most egregious example yet: a headline reading, “Child Killed, Her Friend Seriously Injured, In Jerusalem.”

Today, Avi Mayer noted that the Australian media isn’t above playing the same game, with running the headline, “Palestinian teen shot after stab attack.” So, someone stabbed and then shot a teenager? Not quite.

A search of Google brings up plenty of headlines that manage to add some critical detail to that “stab attack.” The Daily Mail, for example, alerts readers, “Two Israeli women stabbed in their own homes by Palestinian knifemen in 24 hours: Mother-of-six dies while pregnant victim survives in West Bank attacks.”

The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

A pregnant Israeli woman was stabbed and seriously wounded by a Palestinian man in the West Bank on Monday, Israeli officials say.
The attacker entered the settlement in Tekoa, Gush Etzion and stabbed the 30-year-old woman, before he was shot by Israeli security.

The incident follows an attack on Sunday that saw a 38-year-old Israeli woman stabbed to death by a Palestinian who broke into her home in another West Bank settlement.

Today her husband and four of her children sobbed and were comforted by relatives as they laid her to rest.

The killing was the latest in a months-long wave of violence – but it was the first inside a Jewish settlement home, provoking fears that the attacks were worsening and that Israel would impose a harsh security crackdown on Palestinians.

So, how is our Palestinian teen doing after that stab attack?