Protesters calling themselves members of a black, queer liberation collective managed to close down the Bay Bridge in San Francisco today in a way we haven’t seen before. We’re used to seeing protesters chain themselves together with their arms stuck through pipes (as seen below), but this group managed to park cars across the bridge and thread a chain through the open windows.

ABC7 reports that the westbound lanes of the bridge, which were blocked just as the evening rush hour began, are now open.

According to a statement, the name of the group responsible is Black.Seed, which is a black queer liberation collective, not to be confused with San Francisco’s other black queer liberation collectives. And yes, they did compare their action to the Selma march and presented a list of demands, the first of which is “the immediate divestment of city funds for policing and investment in sustainable, affordable housing so Black, Brown and Indigenous people can remain in their hometowns of Oakland and San Francisco.”

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