You might have heard the story of or even spotted the “Bern Machine,” an all-electric Tesla wrapped by owner Paul Sasso to resemble a rolling campaign billboard. Sasso, an architect from San Diego, even launched a fundraising project, promising to donate $1 to the Sanders campaign for every photo of the car posted to social media and tagged #BernMachineChallenge.

The Tesla’s a pricey ride, leaving some creative folks to make their own more modest BernieMobiles.

We believe Sanders’ speech bubble reads, “Let me be perfectly clear,” which we’re guessing doesn’t describe the exhaust.

If you can’t hack a sweet paint job like the one above, there’s always Photoshop.

Our favorite BernieMobile so far, though, is this one we saw pop up today. Who knew it took so little to make a classic VW Beetle into a virtual Sanders look-alike?

We can only imagine what the rest of us will be driving once President Sanders declares this the presidential limousine.