We’ll keep this short, as there’s a GOP presidential debate coming up in just a few minutes. Still, you’d kick yourself if you missed out on the final day of President Obama’s week-long State of the Union tour. This afternoon he hosted a Twitter Q&A to solicit opinions on the direction of the country; tomorrow at 2:15 Eastern, he’ll host another of his “YouTube Interviews President Obama” specials.

What’s that? Remember when the president sat down with the girl who wore green lipstick and ate Froot Loops out of a bathtub of milk? Yeah, he’s doing that again.

Sorry, Glozell Green fans, but she’s busy working on foreign policy in the wake of the Navy’s encounter with Iran. There’s a fine lineup, though: Destin Sandlin runs a science education channel and is NOT Bill Nye; Ingrid Nilsen creates lifestyle content “and inspired millions of fans when she came out on YouTube”; and sWooZie, a professional gamer and video animator.