As Twitchy reported earlier today, Planned Parenthood is at last making good on its long-standing threat to file suit against the Center for Medical Progress, which released a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood administrators haggling over the price of organs and abortionists describing in detail their “crunching” techniques for preserving the most desired fetal body parts.

While it looks like the courts will determine if the CMP’s undercover sting of Planned Parenthood violated any laws, NARAL took the unbelievable step today of copying and tweeting this nugget from yesterday’s issue of the Guardian. Obviously the U.S. Constitution states that abortion is a right, but putting up pro-life messages on public property where people might see them? Won’t someone think of these poor clowns? They need to be rested and funny when they reach their stop.

Writer Andy Kopsa’s specific complaint is that pro-choicers “can make up their own facts” but “they ought be limited to spreading that harmful and deadly rhetoric on private property, not public.” Last week, however, the group Louisiana Right To Life set up banners showing a 19-month-old fetus alongside the message, “Give Her a Chance.”

This, she argues, is “a purely religious message” which 1) had to be approved by the city and the department of public works, and 2) hangs from streetlights and other publicly funded infrastructure, which means that taxpayers are being forced to “subsidize a proliferation of anti-abortion rhetoric.”

Just because the group is pro-life doesn’t make it a religious entity, though.

Your First Amendment holds no power against the city’s department of public works.

Are you kidding? Imagine if Planned Parenthood received even one taxpayer dime of funding …