One thing of which this administration is particularly proud is its digital outreach programs, which took another step this week when the White House officially joined Snapchat, just in time for the State of the Union address.

However, President Obama will log on to good old Twitter tomorrow to interact with the masses and answer any questions that might remain following his final State of the Union.

The president’s history with Twitter Q&As isn’t the best. A session dedicated to Obamacare ended up in a discussion of adding peas to guacamole, and a climate change Q&A answered such scientific queries as, “Will J.R. Smith heat up enough in the finals to destroy the O-Zone and the Warriors?”

Tomorrow’s session seems like a free-for-all and questions are already flooding Twitter, so get your question in now, tagged with #AskPOTUS.

We all know the president can’t resist a good basketball question.