Of all the controversial things Donald Trump has said, the one which seems to have stuck the most is his call for a ban on Muslim immigration following the mass shooting of 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif. Of course, members of the media quickly tracked down each of the Republican presidential candidates to see if he or she agreed with front-runner Trump.

Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to be elected to Congress, chose to make his own statement at the State of the Union address, encouraging all Democrats to invite Muslims as their guests. The Washington Post was impressed enough with the idea to publish a list of names of all legislators who had invited Muslim-Americans as their guests, and around 20 came through.

Ellison thought he had a coup on his hands when he challenged Speaker Paul Ryan to join in the “Bring Your Own Muslim” effort and set aside any assumption that he, too, was Islamophobic at heart.

Nah. Ryan instead chose as his guests the Little Sisters of the Poor, the nuns who have been alternatively winning and losing their fight against the Obamacare mandate that they provide, against their religious beliefs, birth control (including abortifacients) as part of their health plan.

If only. Pope Francis visited the Little Sisters during his visit to the United States; maybe tonight the president will catch a glimpse of the women whom former Attorney General Eric Holder fought “tooth and nail” throughout his tenure.

So what? These two anti-Obama kooks only want to take away a woman’s right to affordable health care. Tonight’s guests are all about demonstrating religious tolerance and respect.