“Hatred” is a strong word, although we don’t doubt there are plenty of men and women out there who wouldn’t hesitate to say they hate the former secretary of state and Democratic front-runner for president.

“Sexual” is also a strong word, and one we didn’t expect to see today in connection with the former first lady. But that’s apparently the point of Esquire’s interview with Tom Junod, a writer whose claim to fame seems to be having written three profiles of Clinton for Esquire.

Get it? Hillogy? Don’t try to tell us this isn’t the same writer who came up with the “Grillary Clinton” barbecue apron and the “Chillary Clinton” beer koozie.

Anyway, on to the juicy stuff. Junod writes about Hillary Clinton from the perspective of a red-blooded, cisgender American man, italics included, who gets why Bill Clinton readily confesses to ogling the young Hillary Rodham. She’s “an attractive person. And I don’t mean to sound patronizing. She’s an attractive human being,” Junod says. “Just as a man—and I say this not as a writer but as a man—I’ve never understood Hillary hatred. I just don’t get it.” But he does get the hatred, calling it “deeply, deeply sexual.”

Interviewer Alex Belth gets caught up in the moment, interjecting that he loves how Clinton’s laugh—which Junod describes as full and appealing—makes it into all three parts of the Hillogy. And how could it not? In fact, let’s just skip the rest of the piece and enjoy Clinton’s appealing laughter together. Tip: It’s more appealing if you ignore the question about the deeply, deeply sexual FBI investigation into her mishandling of classified materials.

No need to be jealous; the Clinton campaign never sent us one of these.