We’ve mentioned it before, but according to a fawning piece in the New York Times Magazine, DeRay Mckesson was just another public school employee in Minneapolis who was watching the riots in Ferguson, Mo., unfold on TV and “decided to go see the protests for himself,” and thus the #BlackLivesMatter movement was born.

Never mentioned in the piece are three visits to the White House in 2011, which included a meeting between someone named DeRay Mckesson and a former regional field director for Obama for America who went on to be named a White House policy analyst. Hillary Clinton jokes about knowing her way around the White House, and it seems that Mckesson does too.

Mckesson hasn’t been shy about recent meetings with Bernie Sanders and members of Congress to sell his Campaign Zero agenda, and he seems friendly with Valerie Jarrett, with whom he met today.

We still don’t have a photo of Mckesson with President Obama, but he might. In the meantime, enjoy this one.


Patience, please. Mckesson has to review the legislation first.

It looks like the year of executive actions is just getting started.