The occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge outside Burns, Ore., by militia members sounded terribly ominous at first, with estimates of up to 100 militia members “willing to kill or be killed” present and a Facebook video calling for patriots from all across the Untied States to join their cause.

When reporters finally made it to the outpost — and wandered around inside — the number dropped to “maybe 20” and images of rooms lined with semi-automatic rifles were replaced by photographs of “fuel, food, hiking boots.”

Residents of Burns attended a town meeting this afternoon regarding the situation at the wildlife refuge, and many were fed up with the whole situation.

Harney County Sheriff David Ward has been the only law enforcement officer seen in the area, and he let the militia know they weren’t welcome.

Some citizens said they were prepared to confront the occupiers face-to-face and ask them to move along.