Hillary Clinton has finally unleashed her “secret weapon” on the campaign trail, and where her “Hispandering” list of ways she was like your abuela was a huge backfire, husband Bill showed that he was the cool grandpa of the family, declaring, for example, that he likes the young people in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

“Abuela” Hillary’s outreach to black voters has been shaky at best. Her first faux pas was saying that “all lives matter” while speaking in a black church, which angered quite a large number on Twitter; Clinton superfan Donna Brazile stepped in to tell the #BlackLivesMatter crowd to “stop hating” on Hillary.

Clinton finally held her first meeting with a handful of #BlackLivesMatter protesters who showed up too late to a campaign event and found themselves locked out by the Secret Service. Clinton graciously gave them 15 minutes of her time in a closed-door meeting afterward.

Clinton’s most recent blunder was her Kwanzaa wish, for which her staff again resorted to some shameless pandering and changed her Twitter avatar to resemble a kinara, or candle holder.

Is it possible that Bill Clinton can smooth things over with the black community? He likes #BlackLivesMatter, but he also respects the police.

Better yet …