It’s the last day of the month, which means that the State Department has dumped another court-ordered batch of emails on the American people, albeit a smaller batch than usual. Reporters spending New Year’s Eve combing through the highly redacted emails aren’t finding much, although American Commitment president Phil Kerpen found a familiar name.

That name was Elise Labott of CNN, whom State Department emails seemed to show had a very comfortable email relationship with Hillary Clinton’s State Department staff. Kerpen noted that Labott seemed to have a “tweet on request” arrangement with Clinton advisor Philippe Reines.

We certainly would like to know what part of this email was redacted.

Labott — again, a CNN reporter — sent something to Victoria Nuland under the cozy subject line, “tell Hils.” Whatever it was, it eventually made it to “H” — not exactly a professional name for a high-ranking government official.

Kerpen wasn’t the only one who noticed how close Labott and “Hils” seemed to be. A recent op-ed in RT International notes:

Isn’t it curious then, that when a State Department email dump revealed, in late October, that CNN actually coordinated their coverage of a 2013 congressional hearing on Libya with a former Hillary Clinton aide, the MSM didn’t pay much attention to the revelations? Even when they touched on them, most just wanted to defend Elise Labott, the reporter involved, and explained away the apparent collusion as “business as usual.”

Business as usual — or “tradecraft,” as it’s known in the business.