Although Bill Cosby was arraigned Wednesday on a felony assault charge, allegations of rape have been piling up against the comedian for months, and reporter Mike Hellgren of WJZ in Baltimore notes that Johns Hopkins University has been reviewing Cosby’s honorary degree.

One member of the community who has given Johns Hopkins input is Lili Bernard, the mother of a Johns Hopkins freshman and one of Cosby’s many accusers. Bernard met with the student-run Sexual Assault Resource Unit at the school in October to enlist their help in rescinding Cosby’s degree.

Bernard, an occasional cast member on “The Cosby Show,” told CBS News that on a trip to Atlantic City, Cosby gave her a drink that made her violently ill before she passed out and awoke later “naked and groggy in a hotel bathtub.”

The Baltimore Sun reports that other area colleges and universities have already cut ties with Cosby or are considering it.

Four universities in the state — University of Maryland, College Park; University of Baltimore; Goucher College; and Johns Hopkins University — had awarded Cosby honorary degrees after he spoke at their graduations. At least 60 colleges had done the same, according to a list compiled by the New York Times.

Of the four Maryland schools, Goucher rescinded its degree to Cosby in October. TIME reports that Tufts University, Fordham University, Brown University, Drew University, The University of Pittsburgh, Drexel University, New York University, and Spelman College and cut their ties with Cosby.