Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has been teasing audiences about bringing out her “secret weapon” — her husband, obviously — to join her campaign. GOP front runner Donald Trump in particular isn’t impressed, calling Bill Clinton’s affairs “fair game.”

The Washington Examiner reports that Trump was interviewed this morning by Today Show host Savannah Guthrie, who noted Trump’s mention of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and asked, “Are you saying an alleged extra-marital affair, that of course he has now admitted, is that fair game?”

It was a nice attempt at a save by Guthrie, but Trump was having nothing of it. “Is it alleged? I don’t think that’s alleged,” corrected Trump, to whom Guthrie replied, “No, he’s admitted it.”

“If he’s admitted it, you don’t have to use the word alleged,” replied Trump, concluding his mini journalism lesson.

Not even Hillary could manage to cover this one up except to suggest it was part of a right-wing conspiracy.