During a press conference Monday that lasted over an hour, prosecutors showed enhanced fames from surveillance video, played calls from 911 and the police dispatcher, and essentially laid out all evidence that led an Ohio grand jury to decide not to indict the police officer who shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice last year.

Among that evidence was the mistaken assumption by police that the 12-year-old Rice was “in his 20s,” despite a 911 caller guessing that the “guy with a gun” at the recreation center was “probably a juvenile” — a detail not relayed by the police dispatcher. Blogger Kate Aronoff broke down the argument to its simplest form, unleashing a new wave of anger from the public who earlier rejected the idea that Rice could have been mistaken for an adult.

Greg Howard, staff writer for Deadspin, says that the Rice shooting has frightened black parents from allowing their children from playing in public parks and is “precisely what terrorism looks like.”

Prosecutors have noted before that Rice was 5-foot-7, wore size 12 shoes, and weighed 175 lbs., making it entirely possible to assume he was older than 12.

City University of New York professor Angus Johnston thinks cops “mistaking” the size and strength of blacks is one of the building blocks of American history.