Despite everyone at every political rally and street protest apparently carrying a camera phone, it still seems impossible for two people to come up with the same story. Consider the Donald Trump rally in Alabama at which a black protester was “shoved, tackled, punched and kicked” as well as viciously beaten in what was described as a scuffle, a physical altercation, and a riot. Video shows the viciously beaten man being escorted from the rally apparently unhurt.

No story about a Trump rally is complete now without some mention of a protester or protest group, and tonight in New Hampshire, Trump was reported heckled by a protester yelling “Fascist!”

Noah Gray, also of CNN, made the encounter sound a bit more violent than a scuffle.

We have some video posted by Jacob Kornbluh of Jewish Insider, who says the heckler was beaten, although it looks like he was beaten mostly with a piece of poster board that said “Trump.”

And yes, he was smiling all the way out, carrying his video camera with him. Maybe he’ll upload some point-of-view footage of the beating.

Trump himself did make at least one fascist-worthy statement: