As Twitchy reported last week, #BlackLivesMatter supporters took part in what they called #BlackXmas2, which consisted of a brief demonstration at the Mall of America followed by a commuter rail trip to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Denied access to the terminals by the police, protesters instead blocked roads around the airport before calling it a day.

The Mall of America had filed a restraining order in an attempt to stave off a Christmas rush demonstration like last year’s, but only three specifically named #BlackLivesMatter leaders were barred from the protest.

While some turned to the city council with their concerns about another massive protest, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that council member and “daughter of the Third World Feminist movement” Alondra Cano chose to tweet the names, phone numbers and comments of those who filled out a comment form on her site while replying.

The tweets revealing private information have since been deleted but looked something like this:



Still live on Cano’s feed, though, is a tweet noting that “data practices requests are helpful in exposing racism.”

The form does note that certain information is classified as available to the public on request.

WCCO-TV reports tonight that Cano hasn’t yet commented on the controversy, but Council President Barb Johnson believes that residents whose personal information was posted on Twitter may be able to file ethics complaints against Cano.