As Twitchy reported yesterday, the Mall of America’s request for a restraining order against a planned #BlackLivesMatter demonstration Wednesday didn’t produce much. Seeing as #BlackLivesMatter isn’t a legal entity, the judge banned just three specific people from demonstrating inside the Bloomington, Minn., mall but otherwise left crowd control up to the mall and local police.

As promised, demonstrators began showing up at the mall this afternoon for what some are calling #BlackXmas2. Many stores that lost business to the massive crowd of demonstrators that materialized last Christmas chose to close up shop rather than deal with the chaos, and a middle school choral concert has been canceled.

Screens throughout the mall broadcast warnings to demonstrators.

If the protest seemed much smaller than last year’s, it was. Minnesota Public Radio estimated there were only a couple hundred #BlackLivesMatter demonstrators at the mall, who left after a short, silent protest to take light rail to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, where Phase 2 of the demonstration was soon to take place.

Not surprisingly, law enforcement chose not to welcome the demonstrators into the airport terminal.

Denied access to the airport terminal, protesters of course fell back on the old standby: block traffic.

We’ll check back to see if there’s a Phase 3 to #BlackXmas2.

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