Hillary Clinton certainly hasn’t been shy about talking about her granddaughter in debates and at campaign rallies, letting her audience know what an influence her grandchild has had on her self-image as a caretaker of the future.

On Monday, the Clinton campaign posted a list to its website called, “7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela.” (The page URL refers to “8 ways,” however, so we suspect one thing she has in common didn’t make it past the focus group.)

Why the Spanish word for grandmother, along with the peppering of the text with “el respeto” and a non-grandmotherly photo of Clinton on stage with Marc Anthony? The Hill cleverly deemed it a case of “Hispandering.” It turns out that not everyone appreciated the comparison of Hillary Clinton to their own grandmothers, though, seeing as the hashtag #NotMyAbuela topped Tuesday’s list of trending topics on Twitter.





Don’t forget to add your email and ZIP code to Hillary’s site “for more abuela updates.” We’re sure they’re working on them right now.