Now that the world’s developed nations have agreed on a non-binding climate agreement with no enforcement mechanism, school children can stop worrying about the photo of that stupid polar bear “stranded” on that quickly melting iceberg. But what are we to do about the poor fish that he’s bound to eat with those sharp teeth?

Admittedly, we hadn’t cared before (and still don’t), but then we read Vox and the article, “Wild animals endure illness, injury, and starvation. We should help.”

Jacy Reese of Animal Charity Evaluators writes:

The natural suffering of wild animals is real and breathtaking in its enormity, but incredibly little is being done to reduce it. Although many organizations work to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity, few focus on the well-being of individual animals.

So, what are we supposed to do? First, we can administer vaccines to wild animals. Second, we can control overpopulation, but certainly not by, say, culling herds of deer by hunting. Rather, “we might be able to humanely reduce population numbers using contraceptives.”

If we hadn’t just spent all our cash on a steak dinner, we’d be sure to donate.