Debunking the theory that Syed Farook was radicalized by his wife, CNN reported Tuesday night that the San Bernardino terrorist might have been planning a terror attack as early as 2012.

According to CNN, two unidentified investigators report that Farook and another conspirator had planned an attack on a specific target in 2012 but “got spooked” after a number of terror-related arrests made the news. That’s not much detail, but if true, it does suggest that Farook was more than just a regular guy who was radicalized by his wife, Tashfeen Malik.

NBC News checked in Wednesday night with some additional detail. FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday morning that Farook and Malik were homegrown violent extremists who were “radicalized and dedicated to jihad as early as the end of 2013 — before they started dating online and even before the rise of ISIS.”

One source told NBC that a university building might have been a potential targets, while two sources said possible targets could have included gatherings in public areas.

Here’s another anonymous source with some news published in the San Bernardino Sun that could be considered chilling.

Farook was employed as a health inspector by the county, which brought him into several schools as part of his day job. The discovery of school photos on his phone led FBI investigators to search Carter High School in Rialto on Monday, it was reported.