A couple in Cincinnati have been offending neighbors and their community by insisting on erecting a zombie-themed nativity scene outside their home, despite the threat of a $500 a day fine, according to the New York Times. The “undead creche” has angered religious groups who find it in poor taste at best and blasphemous at worst.

That’s the Times’ story, at least, although there’s another angle worth pursuing.

When Pamela Geller put on her Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas, the event was targeted quite literally by two men who pulled up to the Culwell Center, got out of their car and started shooting. Police shot and killed both men and everyone was evacuated safely.

Despite the clear assassination attempt, the New York Times scolded Geller for her “exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom.” Will the New York Times pen an editorial calling the zombie creche an exercise in hatred? After all, religious groups are deeply offended. Supporters on Facebook, however, are declaring proudly, “I really don’t care what Christians like or don’t like. I don’t live having their beliefs shoved down my throat.”

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