Monday’s dump of State Department emails again has reporters digging through a pile of highly redacted documents and occasionally finding a gold nugget, such as an easily confused Hillary Clinton’s apparent need for help with every little task, such as finding the right channel for “Homeland.”

Shocking no one, the Washington Examiner’s Sarah Westwood writes that many of the newly released Clinton emails contradict her Benghazi testimony. Westwood writes that Jake Sullivan, a top Clinton aide, was instrumental in keeping track of Clinton’s statements on the Benghazi terror attacks and sending her Word documents with all of her public statements compiled.

But she doesn’t tell the truth.

After putting so much work into keeping the lies consistent, Sullivan was disappointed with criticism offered up by strategist Mark Penn, who panned Clinton’s famous “What difference, at this point, does it make!” rant. “I don’t think the emotion in the hearing works to your advantage — looks more like they rattled you on something no one outside the crazy right blamed you for anyway,” Penn advised.

“Give. Me. A. Break,” contended Sullivan. “You did not look rattled. You looked real. There’s a difference. A big one.” He continued, “My problem with Mark’s analysis is that it repeats the same flawed assumption that underpinned his advice in 2008; namely, that being yourself is risky.”

Clinton’s response: “BINGO!!”

Of course, being herself now means being more spontaneous and showing her “humor and heart.” Someone should remind her.