We thought it might be refreshing to start out with a quote from Sen. Ted Cruz about ISIS, seeing as the Islamic State is not “contained” by any means, and America let the last election come down to out-of-nowhere issues like Big Bird, bayonets, and binders full of women. It seems Hillary Clinton’s team is trying to draw Cruz back down into that level of campaign with tweets like this one:

Seriously? The woman at the center of more scandals than we can count is going after Ted Cruz on his crusade to ban contraception? Does that ban come with a waiver for interns?

Funny that in 2013 the Daily Beast published a piece on Ted Cruz detailing the design on the bathrobe he wore in his college dorm, but in 2015 we still haven’t seen President Obama’s transcripts.

So, how many times *exactly* did Cruz try to ban contraception?