As Twitchy reported this morning, President Obama, in Paris for the international climate talks just weeks after terrorists killed around 130 people, told the assembled world leaders that the sort of mass shooting like the one in Colorado Springs last week “just doesn’t happen in other countries.”

We’ve reported before on the unusual number of visits made by MSNBC hosts and other progressive journalists to the White House, but with the president in France, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews must have been taking his cues from the television coverage. NewsBusters’ Ken Shepherd noticed that, speaking tonight with Rick Santorum, Matthews repeated the claim that there are no mass shootings in Europe.

When an incredulous Santorum brought up Paris, Matthews explained that Paris was terrorism, not the work of “a local.”

No, for real.

Who wants to be the one to let the women of Planned Parenthood and NARAL know that the shooting in Colorado Springs was not domestic terrorism no matter what they insist; rather, it was a mass shooting by a local. Matthews really ought to tell them face-to-face.