Minister Louis Farrakhan’s war on Christmas is nothing new — a full two-and-a-half hours into his #JusticeOrElse speech in October, Farrakhan urged African American fathers to “kick Santa to the curb” this December and not tell their children that “this Caucasian from the North Pole brought you this gift.” Invest in land instead, he urged.

Today, likely in advance of Black Friday, Farrakhan is repeating his call to supporters to boycott Christmas sales and #RedistributeThePain.

Who knows how many will follow Farrakhan’s instruction, but there is a very serious effort by demonstrators in Chicago to block Christmas shopping along Michigan Avenue Friday in protest of the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Cyber Monday might be the way to go for Chicago residents who want their children to believe in the Caucasian from the North Pole.