With the debate over what to do with Syrian refugees at the center of American discourse following the horrific terrorist attacks on Paris, plenty have quoted what lines they can remember from Emma Lazarus’ sonnet “The New Colossus” in their arguments.

Those angriest about efforts to reject or more thoroughly vet Syrian refugees, including politicians, haven’t hesitated to bring Lady Liberty into the argument.

President Obama hasn’t called for the statue to be torn down if he doesn’t get his way, but the man who, stalled in his effort to pass comprehensive gun control, whined that he was “constrained by a system our founders put in place” is also a member of the Emma Lazarus fan club. The Constitution can be such a pain, but it still trumps a poem that was bolted onto the Statue of Liberty years after it was dedicated.

President Obama gave a dramatic reading of the poem’s most famous lines during a joint press conference with France’s President François Hollande.

So it wasn’t until 1903 that a poem revealed the spirit that makes us Americans? It’s a great poem, but could we please discuss immigration seriously, in context of the law? And deal with terrorism while we’re at it?

Oh, that’s right. ISIS isn’t invited to the big climate conference in Paris. That’ll be a “powerful rebuke” to the terrorists.