Around 30 Facebook pages for white student unions popped up online over the weekend, causing alarm and disgust among quite a few, regardless of the fact that the pages are very likely a hoax coordinated by the pranksters at 4Chan. ABC7 News hasn’t quite caught on yet, however.

It is creating a lot of talk, but the New York Daily News reports that a similar Facebook group that suddenly appeared at New York University turned out to be a hoax, and the administration is not hesitating to take action.

“There is no such organization as this at NYU, the Facebook page is using NYU’s logo illegally and without permission, and we have contacted Facebook to demand the NYU logo be removed,” NYU Director of Public Affairs Matt Nagel said in a statement to The News on Monday. “We reject — and we call on others to reject — efforts such as this to derail or distort candid, thoughtful discourse on race.”

Some social media users pointed to a 4Chan post from Sunday as proof the page might be a sick joke. The anonymous post calls for Internet trolls to make “European students union” pages at “the most leftist colleges and universities in the western world.”

We don’t know about the western world, but we do know that: 1) finding a leftist university in the United States is no problem at all, and 2) the idea of a white student union is a very big problem to many students, professors and administrators.

MSNBC was one of the first mainstream media outlets to report on the Facebook pages and the University of Illinois’ reaction.

The page was created in response to a Black Lives Matter rally that a student organization held at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana on Wednesday, a student told MSNBC on Saturday. The page said it was organizing “against the terrorism we have been facing from Black Lives Matter activists on campus,” according to The Daily Illini, a student newspaper.

“We weren’t surprised by the creation of the group, but we were surprised by how quickly the group was formed,” Karen Olowu, a co-lead organizer of the Black Students for Revolution, told MSNBC. “Historically, this happens when people of color gather to support themselves. This group [was] formed to to terrorize us.”

The university called the Facebook page “extremely disturbing” in a statement Thursday. It said the administration had asked Facebook to remove the page, which was taken down “within three hours.”

As of this afternoon, Cosmopolitan still hasn’t caught on.

Cosmo’s reporter quoted a USA Today interview with a student — who just happened to be Karen Olowu, the co-lead organizer of the Black Students for Revolution who also spoke with MSNBC:

“It does make me pause now when I’m walking between classes that members of the student body at the university think like this,”​ Karen Olowu, one of the students who organized the rally that triggered the White Student Union to form, told USA Today:​”I expect some degree of backlash whenever black students … get together and demand their human rights. I was surprised by the degree and the swiftness, and how toxic it was.”​

We’re surprised by just how quickly so many universities approached Facebook to have the pages taken down.