The Obama White House has been the site of so many firsts, it’s difficult to believe there are any left. The administration continued to make history today, though, by holding the first-ever Champions of Change event honoring LGBT artists who have advanced change in their communities. That’s no surprise, though, considering the president’s rock-solid record on gay rights.

We’ll readily confess we weren’t familiar with the work of any of the artists honored, but now we have some names to research. For example, here is a work by LJ Roberts.

Roberts on his website describes “Mom Knows Now” as made from hand-knit yarn and the subject of a “guerilla banner drop on the steeple of the Ira Allen Chapel, University of Vermont.” Ta-da!


Also on hand were the cast and creators of the show “Transparent,” including star Jeffrey Tambor and producer Jill Soloway.

As usual, presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett was just plain thrilled by the whole event.

Happy Thanksgiving, and if football’s not your thing, your family can always gather around the computer and stream today’s Champions of Change event from the White House website.