As Twitchy reported earlier, the people of Brussels, Belgium are on edge as the government there has raised the terror alert to “highest level,” indicating a “serious and imminent threat.” In the U.S., YouTube videos have suggested that both Washington, D.C., and New York City’s Times Square have been targeted specifically by Islamic extremists.

Anonymous, the hacker group whose members wear Guy Fawkes masks and disguise their voices electronically, are claiming that terrorist attacks Sunday are imminent, and some media outlets are taking them seriously. The masks are a strange touch, but the group does know its way around the Internet.

The International Business Times reported Saturday that OpParisIntel, a group within Anonymous, said it had uncovered plans for a spate of terror attacks Sunday in Paris as well as at locations in the United States, Indonesia, Italy, and Lebanon. The warnings aren’t limited to countries or cities but name specific venues and events, such as a concert by American metal band Five Finger Death Punch in Milan.

The Times further reports:

Anonymous declared war on the Islamic State group last week, vowing to track it down online as part of its Operation Paris (or OpParis). It has since released a guide for all those looking to take part in the operation, which already has identified tens of thousands of Twitter accounts it said are associated with the militant group while also taking some websites offline. The Islamic State group has responded to the threat by Anonymous, warning of a retaliatory attack on the activist group.

The Hill reports that a Twitter account closely associated with Anonymous denies the claim of multiple attacks.

Let’s hope those rumors remain rumors.