Twitter is made up primarily of inappropriate and disrespectful tweets, particularly from political aides and reporters who feel they can at last express themselves freely, so there’s a lot of buzz among journalists tonight about CNN’s two-week suspension of Elise Labott over a tweet.

So, what exactly was this inappropriate and disrespectful thing that was said?

That tweet was followed by disciplinary action and an apology.

That’s biased for sure, but CNN is always biased.

CNN’s left-wing biases? You mean right-wing biases.

There’s plenty of objectivity in journalism, but it doesn’t win awards or light up Twitter. The problem is when journalists mistake themselves for opinion writers. Which reminds us …

For how many weeks was Gwen Ifill suspended for this tweet about the Iran nuclear deal? (None, although PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler called Ifill’s tweet “inexcusable for an experienced journalist.”) And which presidential debate is she moderating next year?