As Twitchy reported, the Minneapolis chapter of #BlackLivesMatter on Monday night blocked I-94 during rush hour to demand #Justice4Jamar. Police were responding to an assault call Sunday when Jamar Clark was shot, they say, adding that Clark interfered with emergency responders trying to assist the victim.

Some “witnesses” (we enclose that word in quotes due to the questionable reliability of eyewitnesses in other police incidents) insist that Clark was handcuffed by police before he was shot “execution style,” and they’re demanding that police release the names of the two deputies involved along with dash cam video of the incident as well as security video from a nearby building.

Demonstrations continued today, with protesters, many of whom have erected a tent city in front of the police department, linking arms to form a human blockade around the district police station.

KARE 11’s Lou Raguse reports that, according to the head of the police union, not only was Clark never cuffed, but he made an attempt to take a gun from one of the officers.